Provisioning FAQ

Why is the Directory tab, Workspace tab, or Documents tab UI broken?

  • The UI can break if there is an unsupported character in the metadata displayed in this tab, or any other tab

Do not use non-alphanumeric characters in metadata key names or ID’s. The only supported non-alphanumeric character is underscore.


What is needed for setting up templates or provisioning workflows for a manual workspace creation?

  • Metadata mapping and creation of missing metadata not in CAM

  • External system configuration

    • Note it is one system connection regardless of how many environments/cloud/on-prem as these are mapped in the data uploader config.


What factors are used to provision a new tab or update an existing tab/channel/workspace/folder?

  • First, the unique identifier rules are checked in the Data Uploader aspect if the data is imported from there.

  • Then the name of the object (tab/channel/workspace/folder) is compared to the one that is in the template or workflow or job from the CAM side. If they match it will be updated. If any differences appear (number/character/space), then it will create a new record.

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