Analytics FAQ


What is Analytics?

The Analytics tab allows users to create SQL SELECT queries for documents, folders, workspaces, and run those queries against the Litera CAM database. Analytics reports also helps you evaluate the level of user adoption, generate workspace health check reports, and identify key usage trends.

The Prosperoware database is empty. How is the data populated in the database?

Data is populated in the database on completion of a Data Sync task. You can track the progress of the mirror task in Data Sync> Task View.

What conditions should the Analytics query meet?

The query should meet the following conditions:

  1. The query must include a SELECT statement.

  2. The Parameters in the query cannot be declared - they must be configured in the Parameter Configuration dialog.

  3. You can only query the database given in the left hand side panel.

Can I save the queries to use it later?

Yes. Queries can be added to Analytics through the New Query dialog. The saved queries are added in the Existing Queries drop-down list. You can select the query from the drop-down and run it against the database.

Can I view the column names available in each table?

Yes. In the left hand side panel, click on the database name, further click on the table name to open and view the columns available under each table.

Does CAM provide default queries in the Analytics tab?

Yes. Default queries are available in the Existing Queries drop-down list. Read here for a list of the Included Queries.

Where can I view the workspace health check reports?

The user adoption and workspace health check reports are updated and available in the Documents, Workspace, and Analytics tabs. You can save the reports as a PDF file.

I see a 'No Data' label in the Documents, Workspace, and Analytics tabs. How is data updated here?

Data is updated in the tabs on the completion of a data sync task. You can track the progress of the mirror task on the Data Sync> Task View page.

The Data Sync task is completed but the Analytics tab is empty. How is data updated here?

When configuring a Data Sync task, the Include History option must be selected to update data in the Analytics tab.

Can I export the query results?

Yes. The query results can be exported to a CSV file.

How do I generate reports?

The reports can be generated from the Analytics tab. The data in the Analytics tab is available upon completion of the Data Sync task.

How can I check if the documents are updated with the latest changes made by the user?

The Data Sync task will run and sync the documents as per the schedule set in the configuration. To confirm if the document is updated with the latest changes:

  1. In the Analytics New Query tab, run a SELECT statement to fetch data from the Document table (SELECT * from document). Click the Execute button.

  2. Complete details of all the documents updated are displayed in the query result. Scroll to view the isLatest column.

  3. The 0 value in the isLatest column against a document, indicates that the document is updated with the latest changes made by the user. Values 1, 2, & 3 indicate older versions of the document, with 1 being most recent.

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