Why is the CSV import feature not available/disabled for me?

To import using a CSV file, it is required to be an admin user and start an iManage admin session. Check if you have an admin session active and try again.

How do I import documents with a different name other than the filename?

Create a CSV import with a Name column included, and tie the value you want to be the name underneath that column.

How do I shorten or truncate the names of files or folders during import?

Use the options from the CSV import wizard to preserve the file or folder names or truncate or rename accordingly. The options only are available in the CSV import.

How do I create a CSV for the CSV Import?

You can create a CSV by opening an export job from the dashboard (double-click or right-click > Open), clicking "View Results", and clicking "Save CSV".

Can Versions of Files be imported?

Yes, but using the CSV Import wizard only. Include the required columns in your CSV:





Previous ID

The value by which the versions are grouped by. This can be any format.


The Version of the document or file


I do not have the PST Import option available. (Or another feature)

The option is a licensed module. To confirm if you have the license active, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Dashboard section when logged into PowerDesktop.

  2. You can open the Dashboard section on your taskbar tray (1).

  3. Then navigate to Help > Update Licenses (2).

  4. The PST License should be checked if it is active and enabled. If not, reach to prosperoware.licensing@litera.com, your support team, or account manager.

All new license counts or checks should be done in this manner!

In the NetDocuments Import wizard, I can’t add a folder into a Folder or Workspace.

If one doesn’t have access to add folders (a common practice in NetDocuments), the button for Add Folder will be greyed out on any repositories or workspaces accordingly.


I don’t have Outlook installed and am installing the MSI, what version to use?

Use the x64 MSI if you don’t have Office installed. If you have Office installed, use the bit version that matches the Office version (e.g. Office 32 bit needs PowerDesktop 32 bit). Visit: https://pdocs.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/55345410/Requirements+and+Setup#Enterprise-Deployment

And of course, for any first-time install, use the EXE.

Must the iManage version be 10.3 +?

Please see the current requirements here: https://pdocs.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/55345410/Requirements+and+Setup#Requirements

To find the bitness in Office

  1. Open an office app.

  2. Go to: File> Office Account> About <Application Name>

Is Outlook required?

  • For any machine that hosts PowerDesktop with the PST Import, Outlook must be installed! See Requirements

    • The PST module requires MAPI. You used to be able to install a MAPI component, but that is no longer available via Microsoft, so the alternative is to install Outlook on the machine. End users working on their own workstations are very likely to have Outlook already installed, but where the application is installed on a server, Outlook is (generally) not installed by default. Litera is looking into switching libraries in the future to avoid this requirement.


Can data be deleted from the exported system after exporting with PD?

No, this is not an option.

How do I include other metadata when exporting?

Any of the document metadata can be included in the exported CSV.

This is done by:

  1. Opening the Export Job Results

  2. Click View Results. All columns display

The export window from the option only will show those fields supported to be excluded from the export, not all fields.

Is there a CSV Export wizard like the CSV Import wizard?

Currently no.

Can Last User be imported for iManage using PD? Can it be exported?

Currently no.


What executable or DLL runs when the PST Export or other aspects of PowerDesktop are used?

PowerDesktop.exe is the executable run upon opening any of those aspects. If any of the DLLs are blocked further, you could potentially have unexpected behavior within PowerDesktop.

Are Mac’s supported for use with PowerDesktop?

Most Mac users in sectors we support are accustomed to having to use a Windows emulator - in fact, one is built-in and enabled to most Macs -> which is Boot Camp.

Can PowerDesktop use SSO to log in?

No, not currently. If this is an issue, reach to your Litera Customer Care person to leave a feature request.

Can PowerDesktop import licenses be able to connect to multiple libraries? What if I just have 1 license?

Yes, multiple libraries are supported to be connected to. Just add a connection string for each library, and the user can select the library of choice in the Work Desktop.

When I select the Connect as Admin button, what does this do?

It connects your user account as an admin. It should already have admin rights in the source system. For iManage, this would be the NRTAdmin account.

Is Work 10 compatible with DIE or PowerDesktop?

  • PowerDesktop?PowerDesktop does not directly rely on any iManage components.

  • Desktop Import/Export requires DeskSite/FileSite, which must be installed in compatibility mode if iManage Desktop is also installed. 

Does PowerDesktop stop processing when the machine is locked? How about Sleep?

  • A locked computer does not stop processing in PD.

  • However, a sleeping/shut down/restarted computer will stop processing jobs.

Are there Proxy or Unsupervised Logins for PowerDesktop?

Currently no, a possible feature for the future is to potentially use CAM to allow an unsupervised login granted through CAM.

Does PowerDesktop use Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)?

No, it does not.

What differs between CAM Move and PowerDesktop?

  • PowerDesktop export doesn't export security data.

  • PowerDesktop import does not import security-related data.

  • If using CAM Move, you move content where the metadata doesn't exist in the destination, the CAM Move function will create it, while PowerDesktop doesn't do that.

  • Litera does not recommend PowerDesktop as a Move option.

Known Issues

  • The pagination mode used by Work Explorer only allows for exact searches currently. For example not “insert word” in the search would fail. This is supposed to be fixed in the next iManage Work release.


How would one control the speed or limit of PD's export or import processing?

  • Currently, the Max Concurrent jobs setting is the only option.

  • On-Premises servers do not include rate limiting. The most important thing to ensure is sufficient and fast disk speed.

  • CloudiManage has rate limiting which is currently 25 calls per second for a supervised import, and inherently the max throughput is 1,500 documents per minute. Exports may be similar in results.

Project Import

How can someone change the classes or other metadata on the import?

Use Project Import. It allows the unique customizations of the classes or other metadata allowed by the APIs.

PST Import

Can emails be migrated from Exchange to iManage?

Yes, this can be achieved by exporting the PST file from those Exchange mailboxes and using PD PST to extract the messages from them. Once extracted, PD Import can be used to import them into the correct iManage workspaces.


What limits are there for searching?

  • PowerDesktop limits document searches to 100,000 items max.

  • Loading a search will not have a progress bar.

  • Searching for workspaces by matter requires the client field to be filled first!

What are the ranges for the Search Workspaces dialog? What are the most that can be shown?

  • The Search Workspaces dialog doesn't support ranges and won't return all workspaces in the library. The most that can be shown in Work Explorer under a workspace search is 9,999, but on-prem might top out at 5,000.

My Document Search or Workspace Search doesn’t show all the fields I am expecting

  • The Search Form reads from the iManage Control Center forms, and some of these may not display in all systems if the firm disables these from iMCC.

To add metadata fields:

  1. Add the fields in iMCC form first.

  2. Close and reopen any PowerDesktop instance this form needs to appear.

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