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Released on July 12, 2024

New Features


All Work import job types now have an option to automatically delete source files after they’ve been successfully imported.

Work export jobs can now automatically generate a CSV index file after all items in the job have been processed. Options related to the CSV output of a Work export job can be found in the export editor’s new CSV tab.

The layout of CSV index files are now configurable via CSV templates, which define the names, order, and sorting of the fields to include in the tabular output. Custom CSV templates can be created, modified, and deleted via the new “CSV Template Manager”, which can be accessed from the Work Explorer ribbon.

When importing into Work, you can now specify any user as the owner of folders created by the import job.

CAM customers using SSO can now activate PowerDesktop without setting a user password.

Note: Regardless of your installation’s previous activation status, you will be required to log in to CAM the first time you launch the application after upgrading.

When importing files into Work via Folder Import, you can now choose whether imported email messages are named after their original file name or subject.

Import into and exports out of http://cloudimanage.com can now better handle server errors related to rate limiting.

To minimize data loss due to an application crash or forced shutdown, all jobs now save changes to job items immediately after they’ve been processed.

When connected to an on-premises or ”imanage.work” Work server, subfolders are now retrieved recursively to avoid timeout errors related to poor search performance in large workspaces.

CSV index files for Work export jobs can now include columns for Default Security, Last User, and Last User Description.

In the Document Number field in Search Documents, you can now search for:

  • A range of document numbers (e.g., “1-100”).

  • All documents greater or less than a specific number (e.g., “>=100” or “<=100”).

Labels in the Search Documents window now automatically update to match the captions of the selected target library.

The “Export Results” window and the corresponding toolbar button in the Work export job editor have been renamed “Create CSV”.

You can now instantly update the grid layout in “Create CSV” using the new “Template” drop-drop menu, which lists all existing custom and default CSV templates.

The “Hide Empty Columns” checkbox in “Create CSV” has been replaced with a “Remove Empty Columns” button that hides any visible metadata columns containing no data. You can restore hidden column by selecting a template, clicking “Reset Grid”, or dragging their name from the Column Chooser, which can be opened from the column header right-click menu.

After removing a Work connection, all open Work Explorer windows using that connection will now immediately close.

Jobs listed in the completed section of the Dashboard can now be sorted by any column.

Application log entries for Work Universal API requests sent to http://cloudimanage.com now include the associated request ID, which can be shared with iManage when troubleshooting server errors.

Note: API requests are only logged when the minimum logging level is set to “Verbose”.

The size of the MSI installer has been reduced to 50 MB.

Fixed Issues

Issue ID



If the user attempts to add the same folder twice in a NetDocuments bulk import job, the toolbar stays disabled after dismissing the error message.


When importing EML and MSG files via Folder Import, the File Create Date and File Edit Date fields are set to the import time instead of the Sent/Received Time from the email metadata.


When the Folder Import Wizard is opened from the Work Explorer ribbon, the “Select Target Container in DMS” page defaults to showing the user’s My Matters folder, but the contents are not automatically loaded in the right-hand pane.


When importing a file with an MSG or EML extension that is not actually a message via Folder Import, the file upload fails with the error “NRC_INVALID_PARAM: Invalid parameter for request”.


After creating a document search via Search Documents in Work Explorer, the search is added to “Recent Searches” in the tree, but the content is not automatically loaded in the right-hand pane.

A Reminder

  • As of version 24.3.1, PowerDesktop is only available for download as a 64-bit MSI installer, which is suitable for all users, including those who use Export Messages, i.e., PST Import.

  • When upgrading PowerDesktop from a version prior to 24.3.1, the current installation should be removed prior to running the latest MSI installer.

For older releases, visit https://pdocs.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/1256161281

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