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  1. Special Characters in GroupIds like a Blackslash or spaces for instance do not allow members to be added via the iManage API

  2. The resolution is to remove the special character from the GroupIDs of those Groups and have the groups recreated


No New workspaces are generated/created

  1. Check authentication is validated in IMCC/ Source System configuration.

  2. Has the configuration in the Source system configuration been changed? Regardless, try resaving this configuration, and resubmit the job.

  3. Confirm Data Uploader scheduled task is active and running

  4. Confirm the CAM Agent service is running

  5. Check the svc account running the DU is active, didn’t expire, has been running the service the whole time?

  6. Has the CAM Agent service been restarted?

  7. If the workspace is not created by CAM, then the local sync tables will not be populated. CAM Local sync tables populate from CAM, and not the external system tables (3e, iManage, AD etc).

  8. Is the secret key expired?