Troubleshooting Common Errors

Check CAM External System configuration

  1. One of the common reasons for a job to fail may be incorrect primary credentials added in the external system server configuration. Edit the server configuration, re-validate the credentials and re-upload the CSV file.

Verify the CSV file for any errors:

  1. The import file must include all the necessary columns and the correct column names. The column names in the import files are case sensitive, for e.g. CreateiniManage is incorrect, the correct column name is CreateInImanage. Read here for more details on the CSV parameters.

  2. The import file must be correctly formatted - the file should not any contain extra lines.

  3. Check the file for any missing /invalid parameter values - all the unique metadata must be specified in the file. Any missing unique value(s) or invalid parameter(s) will cause the job to fail.

If the configured external system is NetDocuments, ensure the following:

  1. The profile attribute selected for the workspace templates in the field for Organize documents within workspaces by this attribute) in NetDocuments must be added as a Metadata and marked as an Unique Identifier in CAM. Read here for instructions to add the metadata and mark it as an Unique Identifier.

  2. Check the box for Enable workspaces in this cabinet in the NetDocuments workspace template configuration. Unless this flag is checked, users will not have the ability to use the workspaces.

Troubleshoot Common Errors/Warning Messages displayed in the Log Center

Warning Messages

  • Duplicate Entry - This warning message is displayed if the uploaded CSV file has duplicate entries i.e. the file has the same rows with the same unique metadata values. The duplicate values are displayed in the [ ] brackets. To resolve this, delete the duplicate entries and re-upload the file.

  • Metadata not found with metadata id: The warning message is displayed when CAM cannot find the custom metadata defined for a workspace/folder. To resolve this, map the external system custom metadata with CAM.

Error Messages

  • Error in job creation: uniqueIdentifier is empty - This error message is displayed if Unique Metadata is not assigned to the workspace. To resolve this, update the metadata in the external system configuration.

  • Error occurred while fetching credentials: Error: Primary Credentials not found: This message is displayed if the primary credential are not set in the configured external system. To resolve the error, validate the configured external system login credentials in Administration> External System Configuration.

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