Configuring Permissions


Use Account Management to determine what permissions/roles the user should have to access CAM modules and verify currently set permissions via the Roles tab.

Allow/Deny Permissions to Users

Important: To allow or deny permissions to a user, the user must be added to a Group.

  1. Create a group in the User Management>Groups tab.

2. Select the group in the Action column.

3. Click the button shown below and select Users.

4. Select Add Users.

You can create multiple groups and add users based on CAM the modules/features to be accessed.

5. Create a role in the User Management>Roles tab.

6. Assign Permissions to the Role. You can create multiple roles and assign/deny permissions based on CAM modules/features to be accessed.

7. In the User Management Services tab, select the Service,

8. Click the Action menu and select Security.

9. Click the Assign Role button and select the User Group and the Role to be assigned to the group. You can assign multiple groups and roles to a Service.

Based on the permissions assigned to the role, the user group is allowed or denied permissions to CAM modules.

Tip: A No Access option is available in the role dropdown when updating Service Desk security from the Documents or Workspaces tabs. For more information on roles, click here.


There are two sets of Roles in CAM.

One is User Roles in regard to your roles within CAM. These roles are described here.

The other is the security roles for the system/document/workspace/matter.

These security roles determine access to a user and/or group.

CAM sets the following security roles:

  • Admin (Full Access): This grants full access to the object for read, write, delete. For example, viewing, editing, or deleting a document.

  • Editor (Read-Write Access): This grants read or write access to the object. For example, viewing or editing a document only.

  • View (Read Access): A View role is equivalent to a Watcher role in other systems. You can only view the object. For example, they can view a document, but they cannot make changes or delete it.


Visit Source System Configuration to read how to map these roles to your external system.


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