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  • Welcome to CAM, a platform that orchestrates and integrates data across multiple cloud systems, including Office365, iManage, NetDocuments, and many more.

  • CAM enables firms to take back control over cloud content and manage it throughout the matter lifecycle.

CAM Core features


  • Automatically or manually creating workspaces, folders, teams, channels, or projects by reading information from practice management, matter management, and CRM systems. CAM manages the complete life cycle of the system from creating to programmatically updating.

Master Data Management

  • Provides a unified matter directory and helps maintain centralized and synchronized management of metadata across systems.

  • It also allows bulk data transfer and movement between and within repositories.

Information Governance

  • CAM helps achieve security and compliance by offering integrated matter provisioning across systems with analytics and reporting to understand usage, resulting in better user adoption.

Matter Provisioning & Updating Across Systems

  • CAM improves workflow and enhances security by enabling a consistent, standardized, process-driven method for matter provisioning across all systems.

Analytics & Bulk Updates 

  • It offers the familiarity of SQL queries to query and perform bulk updates to data.

User & Group Management

  • Allows seamless management of users and groups across systems, and simplifies the process of quickly providing users access to all appropriate systems.

Data Protection As a Service (Business Continuity)

  • CAM offers a live cloud copy of other providers' cloud content along with its metadata that is accessible via intuitive, end-user search, vastly reducing data-handling risks.

  • Content remains fully searchable and accessible in the event of content-provider outages.

Supported Systems

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Supported Storage

Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service offered by Amazon Web Services provides object storage through a web service interface.

Supported Source Systems

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Supported By




Supported By


  • Thomson Reuters 3E

  • Aderant Expert (Aderant CMS)

  • SurePoint (previously Rippe & Kingston)

  • Thomson Reuters Elite Enterprise

  • Any SQL based billing system

  • Billing or Practice Management System

Data Uploader

  • To create workspaces, folders, teams, channels as defined by CAM when a matter is opened or modified.

  • To add users based on billing activities.

  • Active Directory

  • Users and Groups Management

Data Uploader

  • To create users, groups, group membership to DMS, O365, HighQ and others.

  • Salesforce

  • Onit

  • Memotech CPAGlobal

  • CRM System

  • Legal Case Management

  • IP Management Software

Source System Integration

(Cloud to Cloud)

  • Create workspaces, teams, folders, users, groups programmatically.

  • Azure Active Directory (O365)

  • Users and Group Management

Source System Integration

(Cloud to Cloud)

  • Create users and groups programmatically.

CAM Features





CAM Provisioning

Provision and update Workspaces, Matters, Users & Groups.

Folder Management

Standardize the folder structures of workspaces and add optional folders to existing workspaces through the On-Demand Folder option.


Enables user adoption with comprehensive data visualization, workspace health check reports, and ad-hoc DMS reporting.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity (BC) is an application within the CAM platform that allows users in CAM to download or check out documents that were replicated from the client cloud or on-premises system, into the CAM S3 bucket.

Controls Center

Controls Center is a place to manage all information barriers (including ethical walls), information governance, retention, and legal hold policies. Controls Center also supports importing information barriers from third-party systems like iManage, SPM, or IntApp Wall builder.

Content Mover

The Content Mover Manager feature is designed so that users can move Teams and Channels to the DMS system from Teams, and to automatically sync any changes between Teams and the DMS system.

Template Management

CAM's folder templates allow administrators to standardize the folder structures of workspaces in the external systems.


All features not available from the tabbed interface on the CAM home page are listed in the Administration menu.

External Systems

The External Systems Configuration screen allows you to add the server details of the external systems to be accessed for provisioning. When you configure the external systems, you can define the default workspace rules and templates, and define the metadata to be applied to the workspaces.

License and About CAM

Once you log in to CAM, you can view the License Details of CAM and get additional About information.

  • On the upper right, find your user initials, and select them.

  • Select About.

  • The License displays under.

  • Addons are displayed underneath.

  • The number of licensed users is below if the license is based on the Users Licensed.

Visit the User Interface page to learn about more options.


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