Issue Resolution

A blank screen shows upon login to CAM

  1. First, try to sign in and out. From time to time when a new release occurs, the users may have to log out and log in to reload the cache and program.

  2. Try to ensure the user has access to at least one role in CAM that has permission to one or more tabs in CAM.

Connections are not saving in Data Uploader

  1. Confirm the system has .Net Framework 4.8+ installed that is running data uploader.

  2. Confirm the user that logged into Data Uploader is the admin or installation user or service account.

  3. Confirm the SQL password is correct for the admin/install/service account user.

  4. Confirm the permissions on the admin/install/service account user haven’t changed.

  5. If you aren’t running Data Uploader as an admin, make sure the user running it has those permissions as admin.

DataUploader was working but now users, groups, and other information are not being created.

The connection strings are now blank in DataUploader.

Both of these items may have occurred if the connection to the source is lost or the connection to CAMLocal is lost.

Check for SQL connection failures within SQL Management Studio or Connection Manager.

Confirm no logs within DataUploader show a failure connectionwise.

Reconfirm the connection string username and password and database/server names are valid. Did these change, with a SQL migration? Was the server migrated to a new server or version of SQL?

Try adding back the CAM local DB connection again to the Data Uploader Connection Strings tab. Does the sync pick back up?

How to run two instances of Data Uploader from a single machine?

To run two instances of Data Uploader from a single machine:

  1. Install Data Uploader from a different folder.

  2. Use a different database.

  3. Copy the whole Data Uploader folder.

  4. Install the services again with a different name.

Permission Denied on CAM Commands after giving permissions

If you’ve granted the correct permissions for CAM Commands, here’s what to try next:

  1. Check the Workflow in Request Workflow is configured for the command.

  2. Check the DMS (iManage, NetDocuments, etc) exist and are live to CAM showing the green checkmark in CAM’s External Systems.

  3. Clear browser cache.

  4. Log out and back in.

  5. Try an incognito browser window.

  6. Lastly, if none of the above has worked, most likely it is a network storage cache locally.

    1. Open Developer tools on the browser. that has the command open.

    2. Go to the Application tab of Developer tools

    3. Expand Local Storage in the storage grouping on the left bar.

    4. Right-click on your tenant URL session and clear this storage.

How to Move a Workspace to the same or different server or database?

  • Go to the Workspaces tab, filter for the Workspace(s).

  • Click the Move icon (with green move icon).


  • Select the Server or Database (can be different).


To read more, visit the Service Desk-> Workspaces page.

Data Uploader Task Scheduler failed to start

  • Re-enter the service account username and password.

  • Ensure this account has rights to run.

  • Ensure the account can access the source and CAM.

  • Lastly, try running a repair of Data Uploader from Add and Remove Programs.

CAM Teams App shows a message This app is not registered in your tenant

  • If this message shows, please reach to support to log a Devops ticket to enable usage of the CAM Teams app.

Actions or Computers on the Admin-> Computers tab are not visible

  • Ensure permissions to view the Computers tab are enabled: View Registered Machines, Unreigster machine.

  • If adding users, make sure these permissions are enabled: View User Management, Edit User.

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