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Determine Use Account Management to determine what permissions/roles the user should have to access CAM modules (member, owner, etc.) and verify the permission via the Roles tab in Account Managementcurrently set permissions via the Roles tab.

Allow/Deny Permissions to Users


2. Select the group in the Action column.

3. Click the icon the button shown below and select Users.


These security roles determine the access to a user and/or group.


  • Admin (Full Access): This grants full access to the object for read, write, delete. For example, viewing, editing, or deleting a document.

  • Editor (Read-Write Access): This grants read or write access to the object. For example, viewing or editing a document only.

  • View (Read Access): A View role is equivalent to a Watcher role in other systems. You can only view the object. For example, they can view a document, but they cannot make changes or delete it.

Visit Source System Configuration to read how to map these roles to your external system.