CAM Limitations

CAM has the following limitations:


The js API has a default limit per request of 5MB. Depending on the size of the source system data being fetched, an error screen could be triggered while on the Administration tab.


  • The limit of the S3 object filename (e.g. dashboard, widget, report) is 1024 characters.

  • The S3 file size is limited to 160GB.

  • The S3 bucket name is limited to 36 characters.

General AWS Limitations


10+ levels of subfolders will cause DynamoDB to exceed its' maximum size.



The Workarounds are:

-Not Upgrading iManage Server

-Do not use Azure Proxy. If you have questions, reach to your implementation team.

  • In SPM, CAM cannot create an open matter under a restricted client. It is an iManage issue/limitation with the iManage API. Thus any Create/Update Policy job will fail with: Number of Policies not Updated.

Template Editor

  • CAM no longer allows you to create metadata values directly in the Template Editor

  • The Metadata Scenarios with Multiple Servers and Regions are applicable only for iManage, NetDocuments, and M365.

  • Users can import up to 10 levels of subfolders. Also, subsites will be hidden from the advanced mapping for the ETL/DataUploader window of Template Editor as they are not supported.

Document, Workspace

  • Move Document/Folder operation is applicable only for iManage and NetDocuments.

Content Mover

  • Content Mover Jobs may fail if using the ssl=true setting for Azure jobs only.

  • Content Mover does not currently support NetDocuments when moving content from a DMS to Teams.

  • Two-way syncing is not supported via CSV in Content Mover.

    • Use the Directory tab-> Copy action.

  • Replace Shortcut functionality is currently only supported for iManage. If the target is other than iManage, the Replace Shortcut Action will be hidden.


Data Uploader

  • CAM supports only 492 characters in the group names when added to the group path.

  • The OU and container information will be synced in only one CSV to bring overall user and group information together. In the future, the CSVs may be separated.

  • A limit on the number of jobs a tenant can submit in Data Uploader now applies. The limit is 50,000 jobs. An error will warn the user of the limit, and any new DU jobs will not be submitted for processing until the batch completes. This eliminates newer jobs continuously filling the queue or causing timeouts on the current original job. Note that one job is submitted for the Data Uploader job per script.


  • Audit Logs from Microsoft have an API latency of 50+ minutes for that information to attach after the job executes.

  • NetDocuments only supports displaying a single audit record at a time and will be ordered in the order the target log entry is modified or created.

  • Currently, iManage does not support activity time.


  • If the Event is not working, a timer will check and upload the CSV every 10 minutes. Eventually, the timer will not be needed as support is built into the event tracker.

  • Security is not applied with NTFS for NetApps currently. This feature isn’t present currently.

  • Creating a new folder with the Create Folder option from a template from a Fileshare with security applied is currently hidden and unavailable.


  • Mapping on a search folder is not permitted.

  • Mapping between a channel and a Tab is not permitted.

M365 Provisioning


  • Only 250 tasks in the Not Started and In-Progress states are assigned to the user. This is a Microsoft limitation.

  • Users are restricted to creating only 1500 tasks using the service account. This is a Microsoft limitation.

General Provisioning:

  • Secondary authentication for Export to CSV for bulk (25+ documents) is not enabled and is by design.

  • There currently is a limitation on the maximum number of Users that can be added in a single CSV job. It is recommended to limit the number of Users to add to 500 per job.

  • The file size should be 450MB or less from M365 to NetDocuments in Azure and AWS to sync the contents.


  • NetDocuments doesn’t support the name of a tab to contain one of the following special characters: /:*?"<>|


Secondary authentication for bulk (25+ documents) jobs from the Workspaces tab or Analytics is not fully implemented and will be fixed in an upcoming Hotfix.

Request Workflow

If the Rule format from Copy As is removed after saving, CAM will again pick the Rule format "@system@_@clientId@-@matterId@".

Controls Center

  • When an Exclusion Control for Office365 adds a user that has no email address, no user is removed from the team and the user does not have access to any Office365 apps.


Source System Integration

  • When importing data into a Source system with the Azure API, sensitive information can't be copied over due to security reasons. Hence, it is not possible to autofill any data for authentication as it contains sensitive data regarding office365 or any system's client id, and secret id.

  • There is a pagination limitation with the Simple Legal DMS. There currently is no way to find the limit for any system as it is based on multiple parameters such as the time taken by the API to provide a response, the number of concurrent calls that need to be made, if it is a system requiring a second API call, how much data is gotten in a single call, etc.

    Usually, systems working on single API calls like Azure can complete more than 10k, while systems like Simple Legal, which uses a couple of API calls, will struggle with 2k or 3k, based on the page size of calls.

  • A limit on the number of jobs a tenant can submit in Source System Integration now applies. The limit is 50,000 jobs. An error will warn the user on the limit, and any new Source system jobs will not be submitted for processing until the batch completes. This eliminates newer jobs continuously filling the queue or causing timeouts on the current original job.

  • When running actions on the Documents/Workspaces/Analytics tabs, you cannot navigate away from the tab after queuing the job. It must complete first successfully or fail. This is iFrame behavior.

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