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For iManage customers, users can share links to documents from desktop applications such as Desksite or Filesite which are a proprietary link format called NRL that contains the server, database, document number, and version. When a user opens an NRL file on a workstation on which an iManage client has been installed, the File Extension Integration Module (Nrl.exe) reads the file and passes the link to the iManage client. If the logged-in user has access to the linked document, the iManage client immediately opens the file with the appropriate application.

If the iManage customer migrates to the cloud, consolidates databases, or migrates from iManage to NetDocuments, those NRL links can break because the server, database, document number, and version detail contained in that NRL file is no longer valid. With Litera LinkHandler, if the user clicks an old NRL link, the link will be redirected to the new document location, and if the user has access to the document, the document will launch from that new location in the appropriate application.

The LinkHandler is a desktop application that is not dependent on CAM or Milan. Along with the application, the firm configures a config file that is stored in the user’s profile that maps the old iManage location to the new location or system. This application supports the following use cases:

  • The firm consolidates on-premises iManage databases

  • The firm migrates from on-premises iManage to iManage work cloud or

  • The firm migrates from iManage to NetDocuments

LinkHandler is compatible with iManage on-prem, iManage work cloud, or



  1. Download the LinkHandler zip (for first-time installation) from the CAM Admin panel under Downloads. This is the latest version.

    1. The downloader can also be found from the Litera Customer Center ( under the Milan designation under Software.

    2. If you don’t have access to that piece or have it in CAM Admin, reach out to the customer care team, and they can grab the file for you.


File Download


File Download

LinkHandler Installer EXE


LinkHandler Installer MSI- use only if you already have the installer previously installed)


  1. Run it on your machine.

  2. Check I agree to the license terms, and hit Install.

  3. Click Next to begin the installation wizard.

  4. Check I accept the terms and licensing and click Next.

  5. On the Custom Setup Features screen, set the currently selected Milan Desktop Commands program as not to be installed by selecting the hard drive icon and clicking Entire Feature will be unavailable.

  6. Then on the same screen, set the Milan NrlHandler application as installed by selecting the hard drive icon and clicking Will be installed on a local drive. Click Next.

  7. The Milan base URL is required for this application. Change the servername if not auto changed and click Next. The Zone base URL is not needed unless you use Zone, or if it is not auto-filled. (This application can also be installed as part of the other Milan client utilities where this information may be required. There is no dependency on Milan for LinkHandler to run as a standalone application)


9. Keep the install location the same (or change it if necessary) and click Next.

10. Click Install to begin the installation.

11. Click Finish, then the button Close when completed. If any errors appear, read the installation log for details and save it if contacting Customer Care.



The application needs some configurations before running. Follow the steps given:

  1. In File Explorer, browse to the NRLHandler folder. This is located in C:/Users/Username/AppData/Roaming/Prosperoware/Milan.Client/NrlHandler/

  2. Open the NRLHandler.config file in a text editor like Notepad++.

  3. Configure the Server and Database Mappings accordingly:


For iManage to iManage consolidations or cloud migrations

Configure the:

  • SourceDB: The source iManage database

  • TargetDB: The target database.

  • DocNumberOffset: When consolidating databases, you can add the document number offset. For example, if the iManage document number was 1000 in the original database, and the offset is 1000000, the new database will start numbering documents at 1004000. If there are no changes to the document number from the old to the new, you can this blank.

  • WorksiteServer: The orginal worksite server name

  • CloudWsServer: The cloud server name OR URL.

For iManage to NetDocuments conversions

Configure the:

  • WorksiteServer: The original Worksite server name

  • NetDocRepository: The NetDocuments repository ID (do not use the repository name)

  • WorksiteDatabase: The original Worksite database name

  • NetDocCabinet: Enter the cabinet ID (do not use the cabinet name)

  • DocNumberField: The NetDocuments attribute enumerator of the field containing the old iManage document number. (The assumption is during an iManage to NetDocuments conversion, the firm will migrate the old iManage document number and versions to a custom NetDocuments field.)

  • DocVersionField: The NetDocuments attribute enumerator of the field containing the old iManage document version.

  • Region: Please add the region where your NetDocuments tenant is located.

Note: If using cloud iManage/worksite in the cloud, this would be the manage URL e.g.

5. Save the files.

Sample iManage Configuration

Here is an example of a configuration for a multiple-database consolidation and migration to cloudimanage:

<ConfigSettings xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi=""> <NrlEXEPath>C:\Program Files\iManage\Work\iwlnrl.exe</NrlEXEPath> <NrlCommand>/T "iManage.iwCommands.WShellFileOpenCmd" /F</NrlCommand> <TypeOfDms>worksitecloud</TypeOfDms> <Debug>false</Debug> <Servers> <Server> <DataBases> <Database> <SourceDB>NY</SourceDB> <TargetDB>Active</TargetDB> <DocNumberOffset>1000000</DocNumberOffset> </Database> <Database> <SourceDB>PHL</SourceDB> <TargetDB>Active</TargetDB> <DocNumberOffset>2000000</DocNumberOffset> </Database> </DataBases> <WorksiteServer>MILANDEMO</WorksiteServer> <CloudWsServer></CloudWsServer> </Server> <Server> <DataBases> <Database> <SourceDB>NYArchive</SourceDB> <TargetDB>Archive</TargetDB> <DocNumberOffset>1000000</DocNumberOffset> </Database> <Database> <SourceDB>PHLArchive</SourceDB> <TargetDB>Archive</TargetDB> <DocNumberOffset>2000000</DocNumberOffset> </Database> </DataBases> <WorksiteServer>MILANDEMO</WorksiteServer> <CloudWsServer></CloudWsServer> </Server> </Servers> </ConfigSettings>


Sample NetDocuments Configuration

<ConfigSettings xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi=""> <TypeOfDms>netdocuments</TypeOfDms> <Debug>true</Debug> <NetDocConfig> <IsDebug>true</IsDebug> <servermap> <ServerMapping> <WorksiteServer>MILANDEMO</WorksiteServer> <NetDocRepository>CA-XXXXXXX</NetDocRepository> </ServerMapping> </servermap> <dbmap> <DatabaseMapping> <WorksiteDatabase>Active</WorksiteDatabase> <NetDocCabinet>NG-XXXXXXX</NetDocCabinet> </DatabaseMapping> </dbmap> <DocNamberField>1021</DocNamberField> <DocVersionField>1022</DocVersionField> <Region>US</Region> </NetDocConfig> <Servers /> </ConfigSettings>

How the Handler Works when a user opens an NRL file

  1. When the user double-clicks an NRL file, the LinkHandler application will execute in the background and read from the configured mapping, then launch the document in the appropriate application. If the user does not have access to the document, the document will not open and an access error occurs.

Excluding Databases

To exclude specific databases from being processed by NRL Handler:

  1. On a client machine with NRL Handler installed open File Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Prosperoware.Milan.Client\NrlHandler.

  2. Open Prosperoware.NrlHandler.exe.config in Notepad or your preferred text editor.

  3. In the <Prosperoware.NrlHandler.My.MySettings> section, add the following lines immediately above the closing tag.

    <setting name="ExcludedDbs" serializeAs="String"> <value>"Active"</value> </setting>
  4. Edit the text between the value tags to include the names of one or more databases, separated by a comma. As in the example, the list must be enclosed in double quotes.

  5. Save your changes to the config file.

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