Whitelisting and Redirect Information

The following information is also explained in each section of CAM that needs to have whitelisting performed (such as source system integration, external system configuration, iManage). This page also explains Redirect URL’s that are also throughout the documentation for Azure Stack/AzureAD/AzureProxy.

iManage Whitelist URLs

Whitelist if your tenant is hosted in the following Region. If in an older version of iManage cloud or have issues, you may need to open an iManage support ticket to have iManage confirm your sites are whitelisted from their end.


Whitelist the IP

Whitelist the IP


Whitelist the IP

Whitelist the IP




Us West(Oregon)(camuswest.com)


Australia (Sydney)(pwcamau.com)



Redirect Endpoint URI's

Redirect Endpoint URI's are as follows:

If you are using the CAM teams app, then Microsoft Office 365 URIs are required. It allows accessing documents that a user has access to in Teams or all shared documents like Teams/SharePoint/OneNote/OneDrive.

Microsoft Office 365



Microsoft Office 365



Microsoft Office 365



Microsoft Office 365



Data Uploader Whitelisting

  • Port 443 should be open. CAM and Data Uploader utilize the HTTPS ports for requests. The API manages the requests, and no data is locally accessed or stored. If you’ve changed the default port for HTTPS, use the changed port. Check with your IT team if your firm has changed the port, and if so they need to open that default port on the corresponding HTTPS.

  • Port 1433 should be open for SQL communication between the on-premises SQL and the API. Check with your IT team if your firm has changed the port, and if so they need to open that default port on the corresponding SQL server.




What addresses are correct and what addresses need to be whitelisted?

The addresses provided in the documentation above are strictly for the API and what is required for CAM to connect to external systems. The Web UI of CAM uses both AWS Cognito for authentication and AWS Cloudfront as a content delivery network. We (Litera) have no control over those addresses and they would need to whitelist the entirety of the AWS IP blocks for those services if the client is looking to lock down traffic. Those IP blocks would include all AWS-hosted products/sites, not just CAM.

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