CAM High Level Checklist

Configuring CAM account

The Checklist allows us to set up a CAM account using the following steps at a high level

1 Set up User Account(s)

  • Litera will set up an initial account and add a user from your firm as an Admin user.

  • Once the account is set up, the administrator (or Service Desk admin) can then proceed to add more users to that account. See Set up Account for the information.

2 Assign User Roles and Permissions

  • The Admin user can add users and assign roles and permissions, for each user to be able to access the CAM modules. For more information on User management, see user and groups.

3 External System Configuration

  • Link workspaces from the DMS to CAM to make visible them in CAM for querying.

5 Map Metadata

  • Add or Edit the metadata to be applied to the workspaces. See Metadata for information.

6 Template Editor

  • Define templates to standardize the workspace folder structures in the external systems. See Template Editor for information.

7 Set Default Workspace Name Rule

  • Once you have set up the Template(s), in the External System Configuration define the default Workspace Name rule to be applied to the workspaces

8 Set Default Template Rule

  • In the External System Configuration from the created template(s), select the default template to be applied to the workspaces.

9 Data Uploader

  • Download and install the Data uploader program to allow CAM to read data from your on-premises billing or NBI system and upload the information to the CAM cloud for processing. See Data Uploader for information.

10 Workspace Wizard Configuration

11 Business Continuity

  • Configure Business Continuity to maintain a live cloud copy of your cloud content for DR/BCP. See Business Continuity for information.

12 Analytics

  • Set up Analytics to query the database & run reports to identify key usage trends.

CAM Workflow

The following workflow explains sequential steps that must be completed to set up CAM initially.

Note: This workflow is not restricted to a one-time setup. Based on the permissions and roles assigned, users can edit the configuration setup.


Metadata | Analytics | Template Editor | Business Continuity | Data Uploader | External System Configuration

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