The Settings tab under External System Configuration displays a list of all the External Systems supported by CAM. From this page, it is possible to activate/deactivate already configured external systems, as well as add new systems and new source systems. CAM supports tracking matter/project-related storage for any system and provides out-of-the-box integration with many systems (iManageiManage SPM, NetDocumentsOffice365,  and FileShares). For systems such as Google Drive and Dropbox, you can also track and attach to a matter. Read below for detailed instructions to integrate an external system.

To access the Settings tab:

  1. Log in to CAM and access the Workspace Management screen.

  2. Click the action menu on the top right corner and select the option Workspace Management.

  3. In the Workspace Management screen, click the Administration tab.


  4. Click the External System Configuration option in the Administration tab.

Integrate Out-of-the-box systems

  1. Click on the Active toggle for External System(s) to be configured to CAM and click Save. The external system is added as a clickable tab in the center of the page. Click the tab to configure the system.

Integrate Additional External Systems with CAM

  1. In the Settings tab, click the Action menu   in the far right corner.

  2. Select Add System.

  3. In the Add New System dialog, type information in the provided fields, based on the table below





System Name

Enter a name for the system. This is a required field.

System Display Name

Enter a nice name for the system. This appears as the system name in the UI. This is a required field.

Base URL

Enter the base URL for the system, (URL for the landing page of the external system). When updating matters, CAM will re-direct to this page. For e.g. this will re-direct to that specific landing page in your drive.

System Description

Enter a brief summary for the purpose of this system. The description is displayed in the UI under the system name

Upload System Logo

Upload a logo to identify the system. This is a required field.

System has libraries

Click Yes to add the libraries from the external system to CAM. The libraries added here will be available for selection when adding a system to a matter.


Click Add New to add the libraries from the external system. On clicking Add New fields to enter the Library Name and Library ID fields are enabled. Enter a name for the library and enter the file id details. In the Library ID field, enter only the file ID details, do not enter the base URL. For example, from this base URL, enter only the file ID -0B9F7a in the Library ID field.

Note: When entering the Library ID, make note of the (/) slash before the ID. If it is added at the end of the base URL /, do not add it when entering the Library ID here. When re-directing to an external system CAM will combine the base URL with the library ID, any additional or missing slash will cause the link to fail.

  1. Click Save. You can add multiple systems.

The new system will be:

  • added as a tab on the External System Configuration page and enabled by default.

  • available for selection when adding a system to a matter.

  • listed on the Settings page.

Tip: To disable the system, toggle the Active button to No.

Note: Inactive External Systems will not be available for selection when adding to a matter.

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