The Directory tab lists all the matters/directories created in the configured external systems from the uploaded jobs.

Note: The following columns are displayed by default:

Column Name


Column Name



Displays the matter name. If the Matter Name is empty, the matterId shows. Click the matter name to view the details of the workspace(s) created for the matter in the External Systems. Click here for more details to edit the matter metadata, security, and manage workspace.

Note: To display the matter name here, the Format column in the Layout>Grid page must be configured for Matter metadata.

Tip: After archived all matter system or not exists matters, you cannot see on Directory tab.


Displays the clients name. If the client name is empty, the clientid shows. Click the client name to view the details of the workspace(s) created in the External Systems. Click here for more details to manage the workspace.

Created Date

Displays the date the workspace was created.

Clicking on an entry will open a window showing the metadata details and the associated Document Management Systems (DMS). When reviewing the details, click on the hamburger button to review and update Metadata, Security, Controls, Private Channels Security, and add systems (see tables below).

Click on the X next to the hamburger button to return to the Directory tab.


Click on the blue Filters button to expand the filter categories and refine your search.

Configuring Directory Menu

Directory - Content Location

Click the matter to open the Matter information page. The Matter Header details are dynamic and the information can be customized in the Administration > Layout>Headers tab. Click the button on the far right corner of the header to edit the matter information. All the configured External and Default systems attached to the matter are displayed on the page. In the case of Office 365 Teams or Channels, privacy as private/public/org-wide is also displayed.






Select to edit the matter metadata. The fields displayed in the Matter Details dialog can be configured in Layout>Forms tab. Click Update to save changes. If the name or description is empty for the matter, the system will show the id instead.


Select to edit security to the matter and to lock down the matter to specific users or groups

Add System

Select to add an external system to the matter. In the Add System Details dialog, type information in the provided fields, based on the table below, then click Save. The system will be displayed as an External system for the Matter.

  • Select System - Select the system from the drop-down. All the active external systems configured in the External System Configuration are displayed here. Read here for detailed instructions to integrate an additional external system with CAM. This is a required field.

  • Select Library - All the libraries configured in the external system are displayed here for selection.

  • Path Display Name - Enter the system name. This is a required field.

  • Description - Enter a brief summary for the purpose of this system. The description is displayed in the UI under the system name

  • URL Unique ID - Enter the file ID. This is a required field. For e.g. From this base URL, enter only the file ID -0B9F7a in the Library ID field. This is a required field

  • URL - This is auto-populated with the Base URL of the selected external system


Review and configure the following controls:

  • Retention

  • Security

  • Action

  • Legal hold

Private Chanel Security

Review and configure the security of private channels.

Click the x, next to the menu button to close the current page and return to the Directory tab.

Matter Control - Control Center

  1. Inside the Matters Tab, click on a Matter.

  2. Navigate to the Hamburger menu and click Control. The following dialog displays:

Matter Level and Firm-Level controls display. These controls come from the Control Center and from the SPM Policy. Drilling into the hyperlinks opens up CAM Control Center.

Update Workspace

The external system associated with the matter is displayed. Click the  button next to the workspace name to display options to update the workspaces.






Select this option to add optional folders to the selected folder/sub-folder in the Template. Read here for detailed instructions to update the folders.

Reassign Template

Select this option to reassign templates to a matter. Read here for detailed instructions to reassign template. This option is controlled by a permission View Reassign Template.

Remove Content

Read here for detailed instructions.

Matter Team & Security

You can add users and groups specifically for the selected matter. When a user is added to the matter team, CAM grants the user/group access to the workspace. You can also remove a user's access to specific matters by denying permission to access the matter.

  1. In the Matter Team and Security window, click the Add Member/Group button.

  2. In the Add Member/Group window, type information in the provided fields, based on the table below, then click Save

Note: Z Groups cannot be removed from here.





Security Enabled

Select the radio button to assign the matter security to a User or a Group. This is a required selection.

Select a User/ Group

Select the user/group from the drop-down. To assign a user/group, either click the drop-down menu and select from the list or manually enter the value, which will auto-complete if the user is assigned in Administration>Users and Groups .This is a required selection.


Select the option to Allow or Deny the permission. This is a required selection.


Select the role to be assigned to the user/group from the drop-down. This is a required field.

Expiration Date

The date on which the user/group will be automatically removed from the matter team. This is a required field.

Selected Systems

This displays the selected system for the matter and is checked by default

Manage Folders

The Manage Folders option in the external system allows you to add optional folders to the selected folder/sub-folder in the matter template, based on the On-demand Folders Creation defined in the applicable folder templates.

  1. In the Directory tab, click the matter to open the Matter Details page.

  2. Click the  button in the far-right corner of the external system.

  3. Select Manage.

  4. To assign a template, either click the drop-down menu and select it from the list or manually enter the value, which will auto-complete if it is assigned in Administration>Template Editor.

  5. To add a custom folder, click the + button to add the custom-named folder to the workspace. Adding or restricting custom folder creation is possible by configuring the Metadata based filter criteria at Administration>Template Editor> Config

  1. In the folder tree, check one or more folders.

  2. For each selected folder that allows a custom name, prefix, and/or suffix:

    1. Click the Custom Name, Add Prefix, or Add Suffix link to display a text box.

    2. Enter an appropriate name, prefix, or suffix and click Save.

  3. Click Update.

A new job is triggered to update the workspace. You can track the status of the job in the Jobs tab.

Required Permissions


Allows User To


Allows User To

View Matters

View the Directory tab (Hides the Directory tab).

View Matter Details

Disable the link to open the matter.

View Manage Folder Dialog

Edit Workspace Template Folders.

View Reassign Template

View this option in the External System menu options.

Remove Content

Delete the workspace from CAM or CAM and External system both.

View My Projects

View list of projects where user has explicit access (via group membership or as a user on the ACL).

View Reconciliation Report

Enables user to view Jobs tab> reconciliation report after creating workspaces to validate folder structures created as per assigned template

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