Template Management

About Template Editor

CAM's folder templates allow administrators to standardize the folder structures of workspaces in the external systems. When creating a workspace, either automatically through Data Uploader or manually with Workspace Wizard, CAM uses the folder template configured in the External System Configuration to create and appropriately name folders and subfolders within the workspace and assign them metadata values and default security. The user can also be allowed to add additional folders in the workspace using the On-Demand Folder Creation option.

Using Template Editor for Workspace Creation

When a template is used to create a workspace, all folders, and sub-folders defined in the template are created within the new workspace. Additionally, any metadata fields that have been added to folders in the template will be set with the appropriate values. If a folder has been specified as required, users will not be allowed to delete it from the workspace after creation.

On-Demand Folders

To allow users to create folders within a workspace, the On-Demand Folder Creation option must be properly configured in a template. Users who have been granted the right to create additional folders can add new folders to a workspace through the Manage Folders option available in the Directory tab.

Tip: Users must have View Manage Folder Dialog permission assigned to edit the workspace template folders. Read here for a complete list of available permissions and instructions to allow/deny CAM permissions to users/groups.

The user can only create folders based on the configuration defined in templates for the given folder level. When CAM creates the on-demand folder, metadata and security are applied to the folders per the template's configuration.

Access Template Editor

  1. In the Administration tab, select Template Editor.

  2. Click the below icon or click the x at the top right corner, to return to the Administration menu.

Required Permissions


Allows User To


Allows User To

View Template Editor

To view the Template Editor option in the Administration tab.

Tip: Read here for a complete list of available permissions and instructions to allow/deny CAM permissions to user/group.

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