Wall Policies for Provisioning


  • Manages permissions and sharing for users and groups to identify, prevent, and revoke access to content.

  • Supports importing information barriers from third-party systems like iManage SPM, IntApp Wall builder, or another ethical wall.

  • Ethical Wall Integration

    • CAM supports protecting a client from a conflict of interest by preventing one or more users within an organization from participating in any matter involving that client.

  • IntApp Wall Builder Integration

    • Protects sensitive information, Controls, monitors, and reports on user access permissions across multiple applications.

    • Supports all basic security policies such as Inclusion, Exclusion, Competitors, and Contractors.

Configuring IntApp Walls for Policy Sync Using Data Uploader

Configuring Connection String for IntApp

Allows you to use Data Uploader to connect to the SQL Server and execute the queries to upload jobs to CAM.

Warning: If you don’t specify the connection string for IntApp to run Data Uploader for policy sync, it throws an error.

  1. Navigate to Connection String,

  2. Vlick on Add. The following dialog opens:

  1. To add an IntApp connection, enter the details as follows:

Note: The CAM user can now sync users and groups from an external system through Data Uploader with the configuration of an external connection string (CAM user/external group sync).






Specify the Connection string Name

Select Connected System

Select the Source Database for IntApp connection string

Connection Type

Select SQL connection for the IntApp policy sync

Is Default?

Select the value that is preferred. Yes/No

SQL Server

Enter the SQL Server Name


Enter the database name

Is trusted login?

Select the value that determines if windows/trusted authentication is used, or if no SQL authentication is used.

User Id

Enter the username of the database (SQL authentication only)


Enter the password for the username of the database (SQL authentication only)


Click Connect to validate the provided details

  1. Click Save to add the connection string and click Cancel to close the dialog.

Accessing SQL Files for Policy Sync

Allows the user to sync the policies for IntApp using the following security types:

  • Inclusion - Allows adding users/groups which are to be included inside matters/clients/metadata

  • Exclusion - Allows adding users/groups which are excluded from matters/clients/metadata

  • Competitive: Gives cross-customer access to restrict access to competitors' matters

  1. Navigate to the SQL File Tab. The following screen displays.

  1. Select the SQL script to sync the policies with the security type.

More Information: For more information on uploading the SQL script, click here.





File Name

Display the selected SQL Script


Select the Policy as Type for policy sync. For example Included, Excluded, Competitive, Excluded from Client, Excluded from Matter.


Select the value

Run Every

Select the value

From - Start

Provide the time and select date from calendar

Select connection string

Select the IntApp connection string

  1. Click Save to add the provided details and click Cancel to close the dialog.

SQL Files

Here are samples to help you configure these walls.









Syncs intapp Dynamic groups to CAM. It reads the data from the walls db and creates the dynamic group in CAM. Those dynamic groups can then be used on the security policy in CAM. It is not just for MS Teams.



The script to bring security info to CAM

Run SQL Script for policy for IntApp

Allows you to run the SQL scripts using security types for the policy sync for IntApp.

  1. Navigate to the Run tab.

  2. Click Run Now. The following dialog opens:

  1. Select the SQL script for IntApp.

  2. Click Run to policy sync or click Cancel to close the dialog.

Required Permissions


Allows User To


Allows User To

 Available for the Comply Add-on

View Control Center

Main Tab in CAM

View CC Controls

Controls Tab in Control Center

 Available for the Comply Add-on

View CC Control Approvals

Control Approvals and Approvals Tab

View CC Action Approvals

Action Approvals and Approvals Tab

View CC Manual Attach

Manual Attach button

View CC Reports

Reports Tab in Control Center

View CC Settings

Settings Tab in Control Center

Create Control

Display/Hide Create Control Button and all menu options (except Details) on main Controls tab

Create Action Type Control

Create/View Action Type Controls

Create Retention Type Control

Create/View Retention Type Controls

Create Security Type Control

Create/View Security Type Controls

Create Legal Hold Type Control

Create/View Legal Hold Type Controls

Available for Legal Hold

Retention Disposition Action

Create only Disposition Action in Retention Control

Available for Content Disposition

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