In tandem with Audit logs, the Approvals tab allows admins to view and compare the external system data and CAM either for audit or troubleshooting using CSV export jobs.


Follow the steps for adding permission to an access Approval option:

  1. Go to Account Management.

  2. Click Roles and select the user.

  3. Click Edit and the following dialog opens:

  1. Search role name as View Export Approvals to CSV in the permissions option.

  2. Select Allow.

  3. Click Update to update/allow the permission or click Cancel to close the dialog.

Accessing the Approvals option

  1. Navigate to Workspace Management.

  2. Click on the Hamburger menu icon.

  3. Click Export to CSV. The following dialog opens:





Requested by

Selects the user name from the list.

Action Type

Selects the type from the list.


Selects the status of the action type from the list.


Enter client name.


Enter matter name.

  1. Click Submit. This will send the job for approval to the designated approver.

  2. On the Approvals tab, a list of approval requests will display. From here, the approver will have the choice to either select Approve to initiate the Job or Reject to reject the pending approval.

    1. Select Cancel to close the dialog without approving or rejecting the request.

Note: Clicking on the record after approving or rejecting, or any pending approval, will open details on the approval, and the parameters of the job.

Export CSV file

Viewing the Approval dashboard

Go to the Approvals tab in CAM.

  1. Use the Filter button to refine your search for approval requests.

  2. Select any approval request and click on the hamburger menu to export the request as a CSV file.

Tip: Users can configure the Approval report export in any of the following ways:

  • Selecting all fields: Requested by/Action Type/Status/Client/Matter

  • Selecting only one of the available fields: Requested by/Action Type/Status/Client/Matter

  • Selecting a combination of fields:

    • Requested by + Action Type/Status/Client/Matter

    • Action Type + Requested by/Status/Client/Matter

    • Status + Requested by/Action Type/Client/Matter

    • Client/Matter + Requested by/Action Type/Status


  • It is possible to select multiple values in the drop-down of Requested by and Action Type.

  • For the Status field, it is only possible to select one value at a time.





Requested By

The name of the approval requester

Requested Date

The date the approval was requested

Workspace Name

The name of the related Workspace

Action type

The type of action that needs approval


The client associated with the approval request


The matter related with the approval request


The status of the request. It can be one of the following:

  • Approved

  • Rejected

  • Waiting for Approval

  • In Process. If a request goes to a group including multiple members/users, and one of those users has opened the request to approve/reject it, then the status will show In Process to other members of the same group (instead of showing Waiting for Approval). Additionally the other users will not able to approve or reject the request.


The name of the user who approved the request


The reasons behind the approval or rejection of any given request.

Note: This screen will only display if the user has enabled View Approval Request.

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