The Jobs tab allows you to track the status of all the jobs uploaded or workspaces modified in CAM. Some of the common jobs that can be tracked in this tab are:

  • Create a Workspace

  • Modify a Workspace:

    • Update Matters

    • Add Users & Groups to Workspaces

    • Remove Users from Groups & Workspaces

And many others.


Dates in the Jobs tab are displayed in the logged in user’s timezone. E.g. the document specialist in Chicago logs into CAM and looks at the Jobs tab: the created, submitted, and processed dates are then in the Chicago timezone. All dates in the backend are stored in UTC.


Note: In Data Uploader, or SSI or CAM in general, When a provisioning job for a team or channel or site is received, CAM creates a separate job for each tab or app in addition to the Team creation or provisioning job. For provisioning users, or groups or workspaces or folders, there is only one job when bulk updating or creating records from DU or SSI.

E.g. one record will show for Data Upload. Then a record shows for the subsequent action of Create Workspace if the job was creating workspaces from DU.

Configuring Jobs


Upload CSVs

You can also upload a job from this tab. Click the Upload CSV button and browse and select the file to be uploaded.

It allows uploading 25 CSV files at a time and file sizes not more than 50KB. The execution status of each file upload is displayed.

Tip: To view a list of parameters that can be defined in the CSV file, read CSV parameters page.

Once a job is uploaded, the list of information is displayed in the following columns:

Column Name


Column Name



Check the box to select a job, or multiple jobs, to run an action.


This columns lists the status of the job in the upload process in the external system. Hover your cursor over the external systems logo to view the external system name. The upload process is categorized in the following stages:

  • Data Upload - This status is indicated when a job is uploaded via the Data Uploader or the Workspace Wizard, Upload Users or the Jobs tab> Upload CSV button.

  • Modify Workspace - This status is indicated when a job is successfully uploaded and the modify process is initiated (for matters with same client and matter ID, or users & groups details updated)

  • Create Workspace - This status is indicated when workspace creation process is initiated in NetDocuments and iManage. ( with a new client and matter ID)

  • Create Group - This status is indicated when new user group creation is initiated in CAM.

  • Create User - This status is indicated when the process to add a new user in CAM is initiated.

Job Description

This column displays the name of the workspace, matter and/or client updated in the external system. Click on the link to modify the workspace parameters.


Click Link to open the external system login page.

Note: The link is not displayed for a job in the Data Upload stage.


This column displays the status of the job. Click on the column name to view the count of the jobs against each status. The job status is categorized as:

  • All - Displays the count of all jobs in all status

  • Completed - Displays the count of jobs successfully completed

  • In Progress - Displays the count of jobs in progress. (generally displayed when a job is uploaded) and jobs have unprocessed background jobs.

  • Queued - Displays the count of jobs in queued up for the next process

  • Pending - Displays the count of jobs in pending status

  • Error - Displays the count of failed jobs

  • Waiting for Confirmation: If bulk jobs are submitted and need confirmation, this status displays. Click the Confirm Bulk Jobs button.

Created Date

Displays the job creation date

Completion Date

Displays the completion date for the job


Click on the above icon to view the Instance Log for the job or retry a job.

Created By

Displays the user who created the job. This parameter currently only works for the following jobs:

  • Create/Update Group for Office/iManage/CAM

  • Delete Group iManage

  • Manage Project Team

  • Update Group Membership

  • Modify Workspace for iManage/NetDocuments

  • Modify Workspace Security NetDocuments

  • Modify Group Security Office

  • Create Folders for iManage/NetDocuments

  • Generate Template for iManage/NetDocuments

  • Create User from UI NetDocuments/iManage/Office

  • (M365) Create Tab jobs

  • (M365) OneNote jobs

  • (M365) Planner jobs

Generate CSV sample

This option allows the creation of a CSV Sample.

  1. Click on the Jobs Tab Action menu, and select Generate CSV Sample.

  2. Specify the following details:

    1. Which System do you want to use? Select from the drop-down. This is a mandatory field.

    2. What action do you want to do? Select from the drop-down. Available actions are: Create Workspace, Add Folder, Delete Folder, Create Teams, Update Security. This is a mandatory field.

    3. Select a template.

  3. Click Generate CSV. The button will remain disabled until the system and action are selected.

  4. Click Download.

Once the CSV sample has been downloaded:

  • Please review the columns and fill the appropriately.

  • Before trying the CSV on the large data, please test the CSV with one row to ensure that the operation you intend to perform is working.

  • A maximum of 100 rows can be submitted per CSV.

  • The unique metadata should be mapped correctly in CAM and system database.


Note: To view the job notification, you need to enable the “View Account Info“ permission. For more info on permission, see Required Permission.

This option allows notifications to be set for a job.

  1. In the Roles tab in Account Management, enable the permission to Enable Job Notification.

  2. Click on the Jobs Tab Action menu, and select Notification.

  3. Enter the notification details.

    1. Notification name

    2. Type of jobs for Completed or Errored.

    3. Email template selection

    4. Frequency

    5. CAM users to send to

  4. Click save. The notification will run for those jobs.

This option allows you to link workspaces from iManage, NetDocuments to CAM.

  1. In the Roles tab in Account Management, enable the permission Link To Workspace.

  2. Click the above icon in the top right corner and select Link to Workspace.

  3. Enter the workspace details

    1. System

    2. Repository

    3. Workspace ID (SystemId from the system)

Tip: In Layout select form Link to Workspace to add more filter criteria to query specific workspaces.

4. Click Search.

5. Based on query fields entered, it lists workspaces, not on CAM.

6. Navigate to all workspaces using the Previous Page and Next Page buttons.

7. Either select a specific workspace/s or select the Select All radio button and click Next.

8. Select either Link all workspaces by query or Link only selected workspaces.

10. Select the template from the dropdown of the templates list.

11. Select Skip Workspace Structure to avoid copying folder structure to CAM, default it's No.

Note: If Skip Workspace Structure is not selected then structure from the DMS system links to CAM template structure if both folders are the same type and same name.

12. Select Skip Workspace Security to skip linking the security in CAM, default it's No.

13. Select Link Metadata Values to link Metadata in CAM, default it's No.

14. Click Submit to link workspaces to CAM.

15. The Job will be created for each linked workspace and listed in the Jobs tab.


This new option allows the user to find an existing job and either replace the job or retry the job.

  1. In the Jobs tab, select the Action menu.

  2. Select the Find Replace and Retry button.

  3. Type in the attribute name to search, and the value of it.

  4. Select Job Status and Job Types, this allows multi select.

  5. Click Find. This will find and display the number of instances where the value were found.

  6. To replace the values, enter the New Value, and clickReplace and Retry. This will replace the value in all instances that were found and retry those jobs.

  7. A new job called Replace and Retry Jobs will appear in the Jobs tab.

Reconciliation Report

When you are provisioning Workspace, Cabinets, Teams, folders, etc. in the CAM, this report helps you to reconcile what is configured and what is provisioned. So to promptly decide which structure needs to be reprocessed.

It provides information:

  1. is a complex Workspace structure having exact or mismatched folders with their assigned template?

  2. is workspace created with no folders?

This report is available for 7 days to download.

Go to Jobs tab > hamburger menu > click Reconciliation Report.

Select System: it will list external systems configured in CAM.

Select Contains Template: from the list of templates.

Enter Contains Folder Name: if you are looking for specific folder else left blank

Select Yes if you want to include all workspaces or teams with less folders than templates. By default, Yes is selected.

If Yes is selected, the job will include workspaces that have mismatched folders.

Select Yes if you want to include all workspaces/sites with no folder. By default, Yes is selected.

Click Submit.

On submit a report is generated with below details:

Column Name


Column Name



Workspace Id from external system

Workspace Name

Name of the Workspace


Template assigned to the workspace


External System Name

Has No Folders

True If no folders in the workspace.

False If folders are created in the workspace.

Has Mismatched folders

True If created folders are fewer than defined in the template.

False If all required folders are created as defined in the template.

Retry Job(s)

In the Jobs tab, select which job that needs to be retried, and click hamburger sign and select Retry Job(s).

For bulk retries, just select multiple jobs to retry. Users can also filter the results then select one job or multiple jobs to retry.

Tip: When a job fails, it retries up to three times programmatically, also you can see the count of failed job attempts on the job screen.

Note: Now, in log details, you can see how many times the job was retried programmatically..

Delete Job(s)

This option allows the job to be deleted.

  1. In the Roles tab in Account Management, enable the permission Allow Delete Jobs.

  2. In the Jobs tab, select one or multiple jobs to delete.

  3. Under the Action menu, select Delete.

  4. The user will get a message confirming the deletion: Are you sure, You want to delete selected X job(s)?

  5. The job(s) will be deleted.

Modify Workspace

This page displays the details of the uploaded job and the associated log information. The log information can be helpful to know the type of error for a failed job.

  1. In the Jobs tab, click the link in the Description column to modify a workspace.

  2. Click the job description link to open the workspace login page. The external system login page is displayed.

  3. The Parameters panel display all the metadata values updated for a job via the uploaded CSV file. Click Edit to update the job parameters. In the Parameters dialog window, make the necessary changes and click Update. Once edited, retry the job to apply the changes.

Note: The parameters for a job are not displayed in the Data Upload stage.

  1. Click the   icon in the top right corner and select Retry to re-upload a job. This option can be selected without editing the job parameters. You can track the status in the Jobs tab.

  2. Click the x, next to the   icon to close the current page and return to the Jobs tab.

Tip: Read here for complete list of available permissions and instructions to allow/deny CAM permissions to user/group.

Jobs for Deleting Records

In CAM, now users can differentiate how to delete a record from the system.

A record can be soft deleted, or hard deleted.

A soft deletion is when the references of the record are removed from CAM. The original record isn't deleted in the external systems or db's.

A hard delete is when the record is marked for deletion in all databases and systems. The hard delete will mark records as isdeleted to true in the dynamodb and search.

Filter a Job

Click Filters button. This option allows the job results to be filtered. Enter the below filter criteria and click Filter.

  • Job - Type in the name of the job.

  • Select a Job - Allows users to select a specific job type for the search.

  • Description - Allows users to input a description by which to filter.

  • Created By - Allows users to input a user name by which to filter.

  • Job Link - Allows the user to go directly to the target DMS where the job was run from.

  • Job Status - Displays the status of the job.

  • Created Date - Users can select a date range for when the job was created.

  • Completion Date - Users can select a date range for when the job was completed.

Tip: By clicking on the description link, you can access the filtered job tab for more information and ease of use.

Tip: Users can customize the appearance and functionality of the filters inside the Jobs tab. For more information, click here.


For each Job, it allows below 3 actions

  • Log - Allows to check instance Logs

  • Retry - Allows to retry the Job If its failed

  • Delete - allows to delete the Job

  • Confirm Bulk Jobs: If a bulk job was submitted, and status is Waiting for Confirmation, use this button to Confirm the job. The job results and counts display for confirmation.

Note: This is an optional setting and isn’t on by default. Go to Administration->Settings-> Global to enable Confirmation.

Secondary Authentication for Bulk Jobs

Whenever someone submits any job that can impact more than 25 documents in a single job, the system will require secondary approval before proceeding with the jobs. The submitter will get an email stating their job cannot be processed until someone approves it. The approver (which could be the submitter with appropriate permission) will have to review (check all documents impacted) and then type APPROVED into the window to process further.

The process is as follows:

  • When the user is trying to perform an operation from the Document tab, Workspace tab, or Analytics that will affect more than 25 items, the following message should be displayed: "This action will affect more than 25 items, the job will be queued in the job center and it will not be performed until confirmed. Please confirm the job in the jobs center".

  • An email with the same message above will be sent to the user in addition to a URL link that will take them to the job directly. The email is based on a template that can be configured. The default email will include the message above and a token for URL.

  • In Administration- Jobs, the job status will be "Pending for Confirmation" and there will be a "Confirm" button from the Actions menu.

  • Only the user that created the job can confirm the job.

  • Once the confirm button is clicked, the operation will be performed.

To enable:

  • Go to Administration-Settings. Enable the radio button for Yes to turn on under Enable two factor authentication for Service Desk.


The following options can have 2 Factor authentication enabled for:

Documents tab:

  • Declare As record

  • Profile Update

  • Security update

  • Add to recycle bin

  • Export CSV

  • Export Documents

  • Remove document

  • Restore

  • Email

  • Move

  • View security

  • View document history

  • Remote Checkin

  • Unlock


Only the ID and basic necessary information for the job shows, and this is not configurable. This is so the loading time is acceptable.

In using the Document Search form, the document search criteria is limited for 500 characters.

Required Permissions

For more information on configuring permissions, click here


Allows User To


Allows User To

View Jobs (Service Center)

View the Job tab (Hides the Job tab)

View Job Details

View job details in Jobs tab (Disables the job link in Description column)

Edit Job Details

View the job details in Jobs tab (Hides the Edit button in the Parameters panel)

Retry Job

Retry a job (Disables the Retry option in the action menu)

Link To Workspace

Enables user to link workspaces from external systems


Background Jobs

Jobs that contain more than 1 million records will now have a message displayed notifying the user that they will exceed the CSV limit if these run.

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