Document Check-in/Check-out

What is Check-in/Check-out?

Document Check-in and Check-out eases collaboration and show if a document is being edited by others.

Document check-in / check-out in CAM commands allows users to collaborate and make changes in an organized manner while preventing the loss of shared work.

With a system for a document check, in/out, every change is automatically captured and will not be overwritten, lost, or deleted.  Document check-in / check-out CAM command allows multiple people to work on and edit the same document, at different times, without the need to email communication or save multiple files in different locations.

Document check-in and check-out handles version control

As documents are checked in, version control automatically captures the latest changes and increments a new file version. All previous versions are also retained in the system. Users can view the status of documents, and know if a document is currently being worked by seeing the lock icon or is available for editing.

Document check-in and check-out are performed right from Copy to Teams and Copy to iManage from Teams via CAM. Additionally, check-ins and check-outs as well as unlocks are available in Analytics, or the Documents/Workspaces tabs. On check out, files immediately open in their native application.

Why document check-in and check-out is needed?

  • Document check-in and check-out prevent loss of information by establishing version control and versioning all changes that are made.

  • Document check in/out creates a documented history, from which previous versions are accessible, and includes a viewable log of who made changes.

  • Users can see if a document is currently checked-out and being worked on by others.

  • Collaboration among a team is improved by avoiding overwrites and the possibility of multiple documents with versions being created.

  • Documents in a checked-out status may be viewed, but not changed by others.

How do document check-in and check-out work?

To edit a document, you must first check it out and then check it back in once you're finished.





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