General CAM Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains general CAM FAQS.

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Can the CAM tenant subdomain name have special characters like hyphens in the name?

E.g. ABC-DEF.properoware.io?

  • Sub-domains or tenant names should not have special characters like hyphens.

What would be the folder id of a NetDocuments search folder?

  • ND_SAVED_Search would be the field.

Are Macs supported for CAM usage?


  • End user functions: things like Move features, on-demand folders, etc. are executed through the DMS client - which is run in a browser, and MACs can run all the standard/common browsers.

  • Many, but not all CAM admin functions are performed through the browser.


Which Document Move Features are in Service Desk/Manage tier?

None. All the Move features are within Move. https://pdocs.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CCAM/pages/1237843974


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