General CAM Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains general CAM FAQS.

To see specific FAQS, see the below links:

Can the CAM tenant subdomain name have special characters like hyphens in the name?

E.g. ABC-DEF.properoware.io?

  • Sub-domains or tenant names should not have special characters like hyphens.

Does CAM DataUploader, Commands, or Fileshare installers use Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)?

No, they do not.

What would be the folder id of a NetDocuments search folder?

  • ND_SAVED_Search would be the field.

Are Macs supported for CAM usage?


  • End user functions: things like Move features, on-demand folders, etc. are executed through the DMS client - which is run in a browser, and MACs can run all the standard/common browsers.

  • Many, but not all CAM admin functions are performed through the browser.


Which Document Move Features are in Service Desk/Manage tier?

None. All the Move features are within Move. https://pdocs.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CCAM/pages/1237843974

What Milan features are supported in CAM?

Please see the following documents from Litera Marketing:


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