User Group and Account FAQ

How to access CAM?

Litera will set up an initial account and add a user from your firm as an Admin user. Once an account is created, the system will automatically trigger an email to the admin user's registered email address with login details.

What is an Admin Account?

An Admin account holder will have complete access to the subscribed CAM services and can add or restrict user access to CAM.

What about Service accounts?

Service accounts are generally used to run services like for example the Fileshare app service or Data Uploader. We strongly suggest using this instead of an admin user account to run services.

How to add more users to the account?

The Admin user with privileges to access the Account Management page can add more users to an account.

What are the user details required to create an account?

See Create Account page for more details.

How do I create user names and passwords for users?

A CAM account gives users a username and password to sign in to CAM services.

How do I reset passwords for users?

Your Administrator or Service Desk user can reset the password from the Account Management- Users tab. Select Reset password from the more actions menu on a user.

How does CAM treat user imports when importing with Active Directory (ADFS or AzureAD) where a userid and/or email change?

When a userid and emailid are changed in AD, CAM is supposed to create a new entry for the user. CAM looks for the user by email (email id) and updates the userid and other metadata.

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