External Systems/DMS FAQ


The iManage Server configuration in CAM is updated, but the iManage Control Center (IMCC) displays Service Unavailable. How do I fix this?

The Client ID & the Client Secret ID must be updated in the IManage Control Center (IMCC) to support API Authentication and enable CAM to integrate with the iManage Server. Read here for detailed instructions to update the Client ID & Secret ID.

What should I do if the folder cannot be edited in the iManage iframe of the CAM Command?

To fix this issue, they need to log out of CAM and log back in, then go to iManage and they will be able to edit folder from web command. (as of Nov 2021)

What are the limitations of Dynamic Groups? And what is the main advantage of using http://cloudimanage.com ? (ie. Is refiling in the elastic cloud a major issue)?

Yes. By using Dynamic groups from the start, you can avoid any refiling issues. More importantly, Dynamic groups are designed to enforce confidentiality and need-to-know security and temporary or permanent access to a matter by intake process or services desk or matter team owners/operators.

Can iManage users, groups, or workspaces be marked as disabled in CAM?

Currently Disable is supported for Users only. We can Add a Column in the CSV for 'Disabled' with a Value of 'True' and it will Disable the User. We also support Delete Workspace in CAM.

Can the bulk assignment feature be used to pull workspaces from iManage into CAM and assigned them to matters? Is there any other way to do this?

As part of the Data sync process, we automatically pull all workspaces from iManage into CAM. Currently, we have two storage systems e.g DynamoDB and AuroraDB.

When creating users in iManage, can the iManage User Type be defined? (ie. Virtual, OS, etc)?

Yes. By using 'UserNos' column, and as shown below you can the following Values:

When creating groups in iManage, can the Group ID be specified?

Yes, you can specify the group name (group ID). You can’t however specify the group num (not supported by the Rest API)

Can matter categories be created in iManage, and workspaces assigned to those categories?

No. It’s on the future roadmap.

Does remote check-in require having access to the actual document? Does it use impersonation? How does this feature actually work?

We need access to the location where the document was checked-out. The CAM agent uploads the document to CAM (or can directly check-in) to iManage. Yes, it uses the impersonation functionality and impersonation account. iManage is working on a new API to support remote check-in as an admin

Can a folder be added to multiple templates?

Yes, it is a manual process to add folders to templates. Then it is an automatic process to apply the template changes to re-existing workspaces using that template.

Can the iManage tab on the CAM Teams app show only iManage Desktop?

Yes, either the Work 10 interface or the iManage tab App (which is similar to the interface).


The default templates selected in NetDocuments configuration are not applied to the workspaces. How to fix this?

To add folders to the workspace the CAM user must be included in the Destination Cabinet Security in NetDocuments.

  1. Add the user to the NetDocuments cabinet security membership.

  2. Refresh the repository token in the External System Configuration.

  3. Re-upload the job.


Is there a limit on the number of servers that can be added in iManage & NetDocuments?

No, there is no hard limit on the number of servers that can be added in iManage & NetDocuments. Multiple servers can be added.

Should the DMS server be re-configured in CAM, if the DMS repository is updated?

No. A new server configuration is not necessary, however, the DMS token must be refreshed and the metadata re-mapped for any changes. Failure to do so will result in an error job. Some instances where a token refresh may be required are:

  1. A user is added/deleted from the cabinet security.

  2. Dynamic Group

     settings are updated for a repository.

  3. Workspace templates are updated in the DMS.

How can users access the metadata in the DMS, but not access the physical document in CAM?

For iManage, create an NRTAdmin account in iManage that does not have the View Document permission granted to the role. That allows CAM to read all metadata but cannot download or view the document or its content.

For NetDocuments, in the account used to connect to CAM, don't give the E (Editor) permission, and only give VSA rights. This allows the creation or managing of the structure of the document, but not the document content.

Note: If this is setup, the CAM export feature or Data Sync export job cannot be used for this account. You can use Desktop Export, or setup Data Sync with another account with rights.

Office365 (M365)

Does CAM support user/group sync from AzureAD?

Yes. See https://pdocs.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CCAM/pages/511508514


Can I apply default workspace names rules and templates to the workspaces?

Yes. Default workspace name rules and templates can be defined for workspaces. Create a template and set it as default in the External System Configuration setup

Can I add filters to apply workspace name rules and templates to specific workspaces only?

Yes. Conditional metadata can be added to workspace name rules and templates to be applied to the workspaces, if the criteria is met.

Can I map new metadata to the external systems?

Yes. Additional metadata can be mapped in the External System Configuration. Metadata values can be edited/deleted in Administration>Metadata .

Can I add user restrictions to edit the External System Configuration?

Yes. User permissions to edit server configurations can be set in User Management>Roles. Read here for a complete list of available permissions and instructions to allow/deny CAM permissions to user/group.

What should I do if the Create Workspace job fails?

Check the Error log in the Log Center. Resolve the error and re-upload the file.

What external systems or DMS's are supported?

See External System Configuration, and on the Litera customer center: See the Litera DMS Matrix by-product here: https://support.litera.com/s/article/Litera-DMS-Matrix

How does my firm create the enterprise proxy app?

You are responsible of creating the enterprise proxy application (because CAM/Litera is not the one deciding where their proxy connector be placed).

  1. Create your enterprise proxy application according to the above warning. For those who do not know how to do this, install the connector and setup the proxy app per this Microsoft guide step by step: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/app-proxy/application-proxy-add-on-premises-application#install-and-register-a-connector . Then continue with the steps here:

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