Project Team

Using the Project Team functionality, one can update the security of a project team and grant rights to specific roles over certain public items and entities in the project team, on a need-to-know basis.

The Project Team Tab in Administration allows users to set up new project roles and edit existing project roles for the available project teams. This can make setting security much easier than going on a user-by-user or group-by-group basis.





Role Name

Displays the names of the roles already in the system.

Role Code

Displays the codes of the roles already in the system.

  • When creating a new role, If the Role Code field is empty when editing the Role Name field, the Code Field will be populated with the same data from the Role Name field.

  • When editing an existing role, the Code field is read-only.

Associated Security Role

Displays the associated security roles for the roles already in the system.


Allows editing each of the available roles.

How to Use Project Teams

It is possible to filter the roles by using the search boxes under each column.

Read more about how to apply security updates to a Project Team and any external system mapped to it from the Directory Tab or learn how to use a CSV file to update and manage the security and roles for a project team.

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