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All features not available from the tabbed interface on the CAM home page are listed in the Administration menu. See below for any subpages.

Administration Menu Items

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Allows downloading CAM components like Data Uploader, iManage web extension, CAM Commands for iManage DeskSite and FileSite and CAM Teams app.

External System Configuration

Lists the external systems supported by CAM and allows you to configure the external system setup.

Template Editor

The Template Editor allows you to create or upload a new template to be applied to your workspace.

Log Center

The Log center allows you to access the log files to see all jobs created through the Data Uploader.

Request Workflow Configuration

The request workflow configuration allows you to configure the workspace dialog and the metadata to be assigned to the workspaces.

Importing Content into CAM

Allows you to bulk import content and sites from DMS systems such as Kira and High Q into CAM.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity is a live cloud copy of a firm’s cloud content to enable business continuity

Upload Users

Allows you to add users and groups to CAM via a simple CSV file upload.


Allows you to customize the Matters tab layout and content of the workspace search form


Allows you to add metadata and assign values to the metadata to be applied to workspaces and template folders.


Allows you to configure various operations.

Background Jobs

Allows you to monitor all the background jobs running in CAM.

Data Sync

Allows you to set up automatic synchronization rules between iManage and CAM.

Content Mover

Allows you to setup jobs and configuration for copying content from one system to another.

Email Templates

Allows you to create, edit or remove templates.


Allows the tracking of all CAM actions and to refer back to them historically.

Project Team

Allows you to set up new project roles and edit existing project roles for the available project teams.


Allows to configure data sources, entities, reports, and other settings for Dashboards.

Tip: If user uses Metadata version V2, Metadata column is hidden in External System configuration, else user sees old metadata view when uses Metadata version V1.

Required Permissions


Allows User To


Allows User To

View Admin

View the Administration tab (Hides the Administration tab)

Tip: Read here for a complete list of available permissions and instructions to allow/deny CAM permissions to user/group.


The downloads page displays those components of CAM modules you may need a download to install.

  • Data Uploader

  • CAM Commands

  • FileShare

  • iManage Web Extension

  • CAM Teams App

  • Link Handler


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