Approving Workspaces


  • All workspaces that require approval are listed in this tab.

  • Users who do not have the Create Workspace permission can request to have a workspace created.

  • A user specified as an approver can either approve or deny the request.

    • The approval step can be added when configuring the request workflow.

Configuring Workspace Approval

Approval Workflow

  1. A user generates a request through the Create Workspace wizard.

  2. The approver receives a notification email containing the following details:

    1. Requested by

    2. Client

    3. Matter

    4. System

    5. Status

    6. Job Description

    7. The Link that redirects to the CAM approval tab

  3. The approver either accepts or rejects the request.

  4. The requester receives a notification email stating whether the request was approved or rejected.

The list of information is displayed in the following columns in the Approval tab:

Column Name


Column Name


Requested By

The user who requested the workspace.

Requested Date

Date when the request was submitted.

Workspace Name

Name of the requested workspace. Clicking the name to open the Workspace Preview dialog that displays the preview of the panels specified by the requester. This column can be sorted.


Name of the client in the workspace


Name of the matter in the workspace


Displays the status of the request

  • Waiting for approval

  • Request Approved

  • Request Rejected

Approve /Reject Workspace

  1. Click the link in the Workspace Name column to open the workspace submitted for approval.

  2. The following screen appears where the requestor can modify the basic and Security description fields.

  1. Click Add Security to add a user. You can add a Guest User by selecting the option Invite Guest User.

  2. Click Save to add a user and reflect under Security Description or click Close to close the dialog,

  1. Enables to notify users through email who requested approval and who will approve the request in both Approval as well as Rejection. The following screen opens -

  1. Review the workspace and click the Approve button to approve the workspace with comments or click Reject to reject the workspace with a comment.

Note: Users can approve or reject a workspace based on permissions.

  1. The status of the workspace approval is updated in the Status column.

Sample Email

Filter Approval Requests

This option allows the approval requests to be filtered. Enter the below filter criteria and click Filter.

  • Requested By

  • Date Range of requested Date

  • Request Name

  • Action Type

  • Client

  • Matter

  • Status

Required Permissions


Allows User To


Allows User To

View Approvers

View the Approvals tab. (Hides the Approval tab)

Tip: Read here for a complete list of available permissions and instructions to allow/deny CAM permissions to users/groups. | |


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