Error Resolution

The following are several common errors and their resolutions:


Additional Error Message

Troubleshooting Steps



Additional Error Message

Troubleshooting Steps


202 Error


Adding the iManage External system and validating the URL causes a 202 Accepted error. This occurs when a cloud iManage system URL is incorrectly entered.

  1. Instead of putting the URL like, use

Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

400 Error

Unsupported Grant Type

The unsupported_grant_type error would imply the response we are getting from the API isn’t what is being expected. For this to suddenly happen would imply a configuration change of some sort or possibly a change in the API on iManage’s side.

  • Check the admin is part of the NRTAdmin group and is not removed or disabled

  • Enable Allow Refresh Token in IMCC

  • For OSType in the External System Configuration, set OSType to Virtual instead of Active Directory.

  • Confirm the external system is healthy. If unhealthy, this error can continue appearing.

  • Confirm the CAM Service account is the AD Account used and an admin.

  • Confirm the username and password of the account.

Applies to: CAM

Unable to unmarshall error response

When creating a bulk job, with many thousands of records, this may display.

Applies to: CAM

Max Field Size Exceeded

This is due to the field being too large for the number of characters allowed.

  • This typically is caused by the display field, e.g. display name, policy name, template name, workspace name etc.

  • Reduce the field size. Use the Analytics schema tables to see the size of the fields allowed.

  • For SPM, the API limit for clientid and matterid is 20 characters. The software will trim automatically in the January 2024 update.

Applies to: CAM

Error in processing subjobs

  • Check if the entity exists on the database.

  • If using subfolders, confirm the users' security list is accurate. Remove any invalid users.

  • Ensure the user exists in the database

  • Ensure the user is not disabled

  • Check for spaces or special characters in the username

  • Or the user specified is not correct with the userid/full name

Applies to: CAM

Creating/Editing/Removing Users/Groups/Dynamic Groups

  • Check if the entity exists on the database

  • If using z groups, a fix for this was implemented in Dec 2022.

  • Ensure the user exists in the database

  • Ensure the user is not disabled

  • Check for spaces or special characters in the username

  • Or the user specified is not correct with the userid/full name

  • Recreate the user/group with the proper security parameter formats.

Applies to: CAM

One or more Profile Metadata is missing in the DMS

  • Make sure no spaces or special characters exist in the keyname.

  • Make sure the type of data matches if it is not a lookup (string boolean etc).

  • If a subclass field is included, ensure the class is being fed to the source system (e.g. iManage) too, or remove the subclass from the jobs.

Applies to: CAM

Illegal argument exception: Field name is null or empty

  • If the key=status, the value should also be the same status returned. This was due to a job status showing as empty. Try the job again.

Applies to: CAM

User email is required

  • A message will be included with the tip to confirm the user and group is listed in CAM's Users and Groups window already. If the user was already deleted, this removal job won't work.

  • Ensure the service account’s have an email or a mailbox setup to an email address.

Applies to: CAM

401 / Unauthorized Error


  • Ensure the same service account is set to run the CAM Agent Windows Service, the scheduled task, and installing CAM Data Uploader.

  • Is the error being passed from a non-CAM account? It can be the source system DataUploader is connecting to or the external system.

If a more detailed message appears when moving a document, workspace, or folder:

Applies to: CAM

The “System” server could not process the request. "Token has expired or is invalid”

then follow:

  • Check the default region in the External system configuration.

  • Check the token for the external system if a green check appears next to it.

  • If in the NetDocuments Canada region, a fix was released in Aug 2023 for this. Try again.

Applies to: CAM

If Task Scheduler fails for DU

  • Check the Windows Event Viewer of the machine running the DataUploader task.

  • Ensure the same service account is set to run the CAM Agent Windows Service, the scheduled task, and install CAM Data Uploader.

  • Is the error being passed from a non-CAM account? It can be the source system DataUploader is connecting to or the external system.

Applies to: CAM

If a DistributedCOM error appears

This is a Microsoft issue, please check Microsoft support. The service account may not be granted the rights to run services.

Applies to: CAM

Cannot read folder_template_details

Applying a template has a case sensitivity for the template name. Try ensuring the case of the name entered matches the name in Template Editor. This error might appear when using a template on Manage Team, or other dialogs or jobs.

Applies to: CAM


User is disabled

May accompany a 401 Unauthorized error. Causes for this was found that the service account did not have a last name setup for the account which is required.

Applies to: CAM

403 Error

Error when using Try Again

This can be due to the templated structure inside CAM for the item doesn’t exist. Check the structure of the template.

Applies to: CAM

S3 Access Denied

If a 403 access denied error happens on the S3 bucket after hitting Run Now on a job:

  • Check the permission and user of the job.

Applies to: CAM


If this error appears in Data Uploader or Content Mover, try:

  1. if the iManage API returns the 403, then the user doesn’t have rights to access the data/database at the time of the DU sync, or Content Mover. Recheck the user’s privileges.

  2. Recheck the system authentication expiry period. Potentially the authentication expired.

Applies to: CAM


A 403 may not be displayed if the source system is iManage. Steps to resolve:

  1. The password is incorrect

  2. The password is correct but the user is disabled(locked)in one or more databases(libraries)

  3. The password is correct but the password is different in one or more databases

  4. The document is locked.

  5. The logged in user doesn’t have permissions to search or update the document or workspace.

In the case of Milan, the NRTADMIN password set in Milan is different than what is set in iManage.

Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

404 Error


This is due to the user to which the matter was being added, never having logged into iManage. Make sure the user has logged in at least once. For example this may show when adding to My Matters.

Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

Document Search fails to load for a group

You can remove the Cam Users group from the layout since the group has no permissions on the attached role.


  1. Go to Layout in admin and remove the CAM users Group.

  2. Save the layout and open the documents tab.

Applies to: CAM

429 Error

Exceeded Allowance Limit your RestAPI Calls

On your external system (iManage, ND, O365…), you may get this after creating bulk jobs.

  • Reach out to your external system provider: iManage, NetDocuments. For example, NetDocuments identified an issue in the Canada region and can fix it.

Applies to: CAM

500 Error

Unexpected Error when moving Workspaces

This could be a timeout. This can be a:

  • Permission missing

  • Special characters inside group IDs or workspace ids that are not supported. Like a backslash.

  • Alias (if lookup fields) have space in the name or value

  • The length of the column exceeds what is supported by iManage

Fix the problematic area, and retry the job.

Applies to: CAM

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

If the server returns a 500 response with that, follow:

If this request includes a skip token and has a top value that is a multiple of 50, follow:

To get around this, you need to specify a top value that is not divisible by 50. Anything other than 50, 100, 150, etc. will work just fine.

Applies to: CAM

502 Error

Internal Server Error

This could be because of many different reasons:

  • If from Apply to Teams/M365: A fix was released in 2021 to resolve when the client and matter weren’t applied to any sub-job.

Applies to: CAM

Attribute doesn’t apply

  • If the error includes Attribute doesn’t apply in the schema: Development may need to review or Devops.

Applies to: CAM


  • Are cursors failing?

  • Are API requests are failing for multiple pages with pagination?

  • Check the frequency of API calls, and the daily traffic from users, libraries, and queries.

  • is the Custom1 field failing?

  • You may need to include iManage into this to check what is being blocked on the iManage API side from the network and disk and database.

Applies to: CAM

Bad Gateway

  • If Data Uploader reports this with Bad Gateway: Check the CSV being run is in the CSV folder of the Data Uploader tool install directory. Additionally, if the token expired, a message now displays and the user can follow the token expiry instructions at the top of this page.

  • If this is occurring on the Directory tab, check the parameters used in the form or search, they could be incorrectly set up.

  • If this is in the Source system configuration, check:

1- The system is healthy in iManage or ND. If it is unhealthy, this can cause an error.

2- Are the IP’s whitelisted appropriately? Whitelist the URL’s as given:

Applies to: CAM

504 Error

Endpoint Request timed out/ Gateway timed out

504 means a Gateway or Endpoint timeout. Running developer tools or the Log in the Admin panel will show the following:

  • Check the system is healthy.

  • Check that there are no limits being reached from the system (additional logs may say if the system is over the threshold in the CAM admin panel).

  • Check the firm’s network connection, or if dropped packets are occurring on the firm’s network with your IT team.

  • Check the system configuration is active in the External system configuration. The system connection may have dropped.

  • Check that the size of the object or query being loaded returns in faster than 30 seconds from the API of the system (e.g. iManage, O365, NetDocuments). A 504 will show if it takes longer than 30 seconds to search or perform an action like checking out a document, editing profile, etc.

  • If searching, ensure the system is selected, OR ensure the default system is set in the System Options in the Admin panel. If no system is set, the workspace or matter cannot be returned.

  • Is the system responding? If not, a source system connection may timeout.

Applies to: CAM

520 Error

Event-based scheduling

May appear when creating a sync to a source system. Rerunning the job errors with the same message.

  • A fix for this was released in 23.05.11 Q2 under DDP-642 if event-based schedules are set up. Try the job again.

Applies to: CAM

User Creation in AD Sync- Error creating user process trace

  • Confirm connection is green.

  • Check the server attribute is being passed correctly

  • Does the user exist already? If so, ensure it doesn’t exist for creation jobs

  • Is the user disabled? If so, ensure the user is enabled.

  • Are there spaces or special characters in the name? No spaces or special characters are supported.

  • Is the default password for the external system setup correctly that matches the iManage complexity? The requirements are documented here:

  • Is there a 400 error existing with this error? Check that the role exists in IMCC.

Applies to: CAM

User does not exist in External System

  • Check the user is not on the template being used.

  • Change the folder from inherit to private.

  • Check the user and workspace in the external system (e.g. iManage).

  • Check the metadata for the WSID or userid or emailid and what it is mapped to in the external system.

  • Make sure userid or emailid is passed with your job or CSV.

Applies to: CAM

No Such Key

  • If No such Key error accompanies it, it is likely the CSV name has an unsupported character like spaces. Remove the spaces from the CSV name and try again.

  • Another option is the SQL file in Data Uploader has a space in it that generates the space or plus sign during CSV creation. Remove any spaces or unsupported characters from the name of the SQL file(s).

Applies to: CAM

Trim is not a function at save

  • If the error “Trim is not a function at save” accompanies it, the error indicates someone is attempting to trim (shorten) a data string while inserting it into dynamodb which is not recognized.

    • Most likely too much data was submitted for dynamodb which has a limit of 400kb and the attempt was to trim said data to put it there, which wasn’t recognized.

    • Reduce the amount of data being processed by Data Uploader.

Applies to: CAM

Number of Policies not Updated/ Error Create/Update Policy Job

  • In SPM, CAM cannot create an open matter under a restricted client. It is an iManage issue/limitation with the iManage API.

Applies to: CAM

Number of Columns doesn’t match header at Parser.Error

  • An extra comma or separator may exist on the header row columns. E.g. mattername,,matterid

  • Missing data might be in the second+ rows of the data. E.g. A column for matterid is in the header, but no values were given.

Applies to: CAM

Error uploading WS template TypeError: Cannot read property hasOwnProperty of undefined

  • Confirm this workspace, that the template refers to, exists in iManage or the external system.

  • Check that the Library column is within the LinkWorkspace job.

  • Check that system field is lowercase e.g. imanage

  • Check for any unsupported or special characters in the id’s.

Applies to: CAM

Error uploading WS template Unique Identifiers are missing

  • Add in “Library” if missing from the template.

  • Set the “System” to all lower cases.

  • Check if the unique identifier is declared within the mappings.

Applies to: CAM

Error creating user process trace

  • Check if the external system is healthy and passing the correct Server name.

  • Check the default parameter for Server is tied to the Repository name. E.g. CloudProd.

  • If accompanied by iManage_Error_400:

    • Check user exists in the database

    • Check the user is not disabled

    • Check there is no spacing or special characters in the username/userid and full name.

    • Check the default password matches the user password requirements (CAM will show an error).

Applies to: CAM

You don't have permissions to perform this operation. Permissions : View-Move-Workspaces

  • Confirm all Move permissions are enabled.

  • Check if the move workspaces job is moving multiple folders or workspaces at a time. Try moving just one.

  • Try the operation again.

Applies to: CAM

Event based job is not supported for this source entity.

  • This occurs on a copy to Site job with advanced subscription/ event based mappings.

  • This is only supported for M365 DMS's as other DMS's don't support event based jobs.

Applies to: CAM

Error on persisting matter security details

Cannot read property tostring of undefined

  • Occurs when dynamically creating a group in iManage for an editor or watcher user

  • The security parameter was not used, or was not formatted properly. See:

Applies to: CAM

Token was inactive/ The refresh token expired due to inactivity/ Invalid Grant

Applies to: CAM

The token was issued on 2022-07-27T18:53:18.7646555Z and was inactive for 90.00:00:00

  • Click the Get Token button, to log in to the Office 365 URL specified above. On successful login, the token is displayed here.

Note: The default validity of the refresh token is 90 days which means the customer has 90 days until they need to generate a new token. An organization can extend the refresh token validity using the PowerShell scripts. For more details on configuring refresh token, refer to the following links:


Visit Step 5 from for more information.

WebException with status ReceiveFailure was thrown/ Connection Closed

Applies to: CAM

For Data Uploader:

  • Check the whitelisted sites.

  • Restart the CAM Agent

  • Check any DNS redirections and ensure the DNS server has the whitelisting

  • Confirm the .Net version is the version in the pre-requisites or higher (4.8+)

Error Connect Reset (ECONN Reset)

Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

Happens when the server doesn’t respond. Or if the response isn’t timely within the timeout period.

  • Check for connection/packet loss/insufficient IOPS issues in the network with your IT department.

Please configure the system and repository to get external data

(in the Documents or Workspace or directory).

Applies to: CAM

This warning appears when you set a field as external but no system and repository (required fields for external metadata) are selected in the search filter.

Cannot read property 'order' of undefined error

Applies to: CAM

This may occur when folders fail to create in a Data Uploader job. Uploading a CSV to CAM will work.

  • To fix this, remove the parent folder path from the CSV/Job. The error specifies that the parent folder does not exist. OR ensure the parent folders exist on the target system.

Connecting to 3e shows Oops Something went wrong

Applies to: CAMElite 3e

  • This is a Thompson Reuters error, showing the CAM redirect URL is possibly wrong, OR the 3e setup is wrong to display the Thompson Reuters error.

DBUpdateException DU or DataSync fails: Cannot insert the value Null to CAMSync.Job

Applies to: CAM

  • Check the SQL file has a distinct clause.

  • Check no nulls were inserted via the script.

  • Disable the CAM Agent if not using.

Exception Required Inputs not found in Handle

Applies to: CAM

The job metadata is incorrectly configured.

  1. Go to Administration => Request Workflow => Edit that workflow for creating a team and save it again => Then try to create a team.

  2. If step 1 doesn’t work, please use the sample CSV for creating a team found here, to create a test team with the basic metadata.

Mismatching Redirect URL error

Applies to: CAM

The Redirect endpoint URL is incorrectly set up.

Workspace Provisioning or Data Uploader errors with Incorrect DateTime Value

Applies to: CAM

If the error discusses EditedDate or LastModifiedDate or similar, the value hasn’t been added to the metadata and was mapped correctly.

  • Create the new Metadata for the date for the value of the date field. As Edit_Date for EditedDate, or matter_date for LastModifiedDate.

  • Map it to the external system AND CAM.

  • Retry the job.

If in DataUploader,

  • Confirm the variable or column is formatted correctly in the script importing to the CAMLocalDB. Check the value it inserts into and compare to the script.

  • If the script imports the value to the table, confirm the key is mapped to CAM in Metadata as above.

Data Uploader fails with Invalid ColumnName

Applies to: CAM

This can be due to the order of execution of the scripts. Try to wait until the job completes through all CSVs to confirm if this is an issue.

Data Uploader fails after an issue upgrading or restoring Data Uploader Procedure or Function expects parameter

Applies to: CAM

  • Check if the restore was done properly: You must restore both the DataUploader files and restore the database. If only one is restored, the sql files or functions will not be corrected.

  • If upgraded, run the upgrade scripts in the DataUploader install directory\SQL\upgrade folder.

Unknown Column TypeField with Metadata AutoDiscovery

Applies to: CAM

A fix was released within 23.04.12 (April 2023).

Locked resource- An intermittent error appears when checking in a document from Teams to iManage Error code: notAllowed. The resource you are attempting to access is locked

Applies to: CAM

  • This occurs when another user opens the document in Teams at exactly the same time as we are trying to check in the document.

  • Currently, this is handled by the other user getting a warning that other users can be inside working and to contact them.

Authentication Failed/Underlying Connection was Closed

Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

If the error shows please check your domain or username or password, the underlying connection was closed. Couldn’t establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel

  • Confirm SSL or TLS is setup on AWS correctly. On June 28, 2023, AWS is dropping all support for TLS 1.0/1.1 and this could affect users using Windows Server 2012 or older with the use of Data Uploader.

    Windows Server 2016 and above are the natively supported versions with 1.2.

  • Check the domain and username and password. Some firms may block copying/pasting these items.

  • Check the whitelisting of the firewall to ensure the sites are whitelisted.

  • Many firms will forget to whitelist their DNS server or check their redirects. Confirm the redirects can go through to the URLs for CAM or Data Uploader.

Modifying workspace job errors with Invalid Update Expression/ Document Paths overlap

Applies to: CAM

This may warn that two document paths overlap against each other.

The database mapping is incorrectly set up to cause this. The mapping should be against the external system and not CAM, so remove CAM mapping for the field and try again.

Modify Workspace error ExpressionAttributeNames contains invalid key

Applies to: CAM

  • A special unsupported character was used.

  • For example, the apostrophe (') was removed from the CAM Metadata Set up and from the Provisioning Script

Refused to Connect from CAM Commands

Applies to: CAM

If using the Web Commands like Manage Folders, and a message shows tenanturl refused to connect, follow:

  • Clear cache in the browser.

  • Try a different browser or incognito.

  • If using Chrome, a hotfix R23.09.12 23.Q3 was released in late September to fix this due to Chrome updates.

The Business Continuity page errors. No errors are in the app log.

Applies to: CAM

When trying to perform a search in BC, it is suggested that all of the metadata in the layout be configured as internal metadata, unless you need it to be set as external. When you set metadata as external, you will also need to include the system/repository in your layout in order to fetch the data.

Now you have two options to resolve this:

  1. Set the metadata type as internal. You can do this by going to Administration > Layout Configuration > Edit the BC Layout > Edit the metadata where you are facing the issue > Set metadata type as internal metadata > Save the form > Go back to the documents tab and try again.

  2. This is if you need the metadata to be set as external. Go to Administration > Layout Configuration > Edit the BC Layout > Add System and Repository in your Layout > Go back to the documents tab > Make sure to not leave the system & repository fields empty and try again.

Fixing the Token Type is not allowed error when doing Sharepoint Provisioning

Applies to: CAM

In Powershell, run the following:

  • npm i -g @pnp/cli-microsoft365
  • Then log in to M365 from there typing M365 login.

  • Then run:

    m365 spo tenant settings set --DisableCustomAppAuthentication false


This fixes the tenant setting that blocks the token even though the SharePoint setting is correctly set.

Old Workspace Creation Jobs show as errored but no error on the job displays

Applies to: CAM

Litera typically only guarantees log availability from the last 30 days, unless the client has a different case.

Error occurred while writing a CSV file: Error making request with Error Code MovedPernamently and Http Status Code MovedPermanently. No further information was returned by the Service.

Applies to: CAM

  • When uploading a CSV for a job, e.g. workspace creation confirm the user exists in CAM.

  • Confirm the parameters are in the source, or are being passed properly. Ensure they are declared right.

  • Pass the right value for the parameter: E.g. for security it should be email address.

  • Contact your professional services team for additional help with writing SQL queries as support cannot write them for you.

Throughoutput DynamoDB error

Applies to: CAM

The job retry count has exceeded the variable limit of the maximum jobs running. E.g. if a max of 3 retries are present and 4 are queued, the 4th errors.

Procedure or Function SaveJobDeltaRecord expects parameter ModifiedKey which was not supplied/ Modified Key cannot be Null

Applies to: CAM

  • Update the stored procedure to allow for nulls if not already


  • The stored procedure called in the error doesn't define the parameter correctly.

  • Or the CAMLocal db doesn't have the column in the job delta table schema.

  • Additionally, some clients have reported if they have an older version of SQL 2019, they receive this error. Updating to the current latest update of SQL 2019 will resolve.

Error Cannot read property ‘format’ of null

Applies to: CAM

This may show on a create or modify job.

  • Check the template rules for the external system

  • Check if the default group rule is enabled.

  • If not, a default workspace name rule is required to work! The rule involves a default workspace and default template to be set in the Settings of the External System Configuration panel.

An error occurred while creating a container/ Two document paths overlap with each other

Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop

When modifying moving or copying objects this may occur when the database library or cabinet exists in the source and target already!

  • Check the source and target if the item exists.

  • Check the template and database if records exist. Did the user set keep the existing structure or use the target structure?

Windows cannot open the ZIP file from Export to Zip. The Zip is invalid.

Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

  • This is a limitation of the Windows native archiver. When the path exceeds 260 characters, the Extract function built into Windows won’t work to extract it to a temp folder then to the desired location.

  • A workaround is to use a third party Zip utility like 7Zip.

  • Another workaround is to enable long paths in Windows. See our article:

  • More details can be found on: Microsoft: The path is too long

Database transaction failed

Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

This error usually means something is wrong in the iManage database. There is always a corresponding error in the DMS log. The customer should contact iManage support or open a ticket on the customer’s behalf with iManage to get a detailed error message from the DMS log from iManage Server(s).

Usually, the action causing this is a SQL statement inside the iManage server failed thus throwing this generic error. Here are some usual reasons but the actual error can only be understood after looking at the DMS error

  1. Referential Integrity - Trying to insert a value that doesn’t exist in the table

  2. Deadlock error - Due to SQL resources load or fragmentation, the table or pae is locked

  3. Null Values, foreign characters, or spacing issues in column values were not expected

  4. SQL Query timed out - This can happen due to lack of an index, fragmentation of indexes, or bad queries

  5. Missing column (unusual but sometimes happens to client and server mismatch)

File Server transaction failed

Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

This error usually means something is wrong with the iManage file server. There is usually a corresponding error in the DMS log. You should ask the customer to contact iManage or open a ticket on the customer’s behalf with iManage to get a detailed error message from the DMS log. If they are on-premises customer, they can check the DMS log. This error is usually coupled with “System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: [Page ][UpdateWithResult ]” in the log and may be found in the Windows Event log on-premises on the server running iManage.

The typical causes are

  1. The file server in question is not reachable

  2. The disk space is full on the fileserver in the temp folder

  3. Incorrect path configured

  4. A duplicate file exists

  5. The virus scanner is blocked from writing to the file server

Failed to assign imProfileAuthor or imProfileOperator value

Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

This error means one of the following:

  1. The specified user does not exist in the iManage database

  2. The user exists but is disabled

  3. There is a spacing issue or special characters in the name of the user, length of the userid column exceeds the size (more than 32 characters) (usually can be spotted by using select len(username) from mhgroup.docuser table

The specified user is incorrect. Sometimes user’s userId and fullname are combined or the fullname column is swapped with the userId column. Check the input data to make sure you are only specifying a valid userId.

An unrecognized exception has occurred/ NRTSession Login Incorrect Function

Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

The error could happen for a variety of reasons. Here are some common scenarios:

  1. When there is a network issue or an unreliable network. Many times this error goes away by restarting the machine

  2. The version of iManage.dll is old

  3. If iManage is on the cloud, some changes in iManage cloud (network, settings, etc) may have caused it

If the error doesn’t resolve with the latest version of the iManage.dll, restarting the machine, checking for a stable network, etc, then open a ticket with iManage.

Document is Read only/ File Transfer failed

Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

This error can occur for multiple reasons:

  1. The document in question does not exist in iManage or the DMS. The document record is the database but the actual document is missing from the DMS. Typically happens for older documents where the record might have moved, renamed, or deleted.

  2. The user doesn’t have “view document” role permission in iManage, the V role for ND, or View in O365.

This error is due to a missing configuration in CAM. Please contact your administrator or helpdesk and share that the value is missing in the Server Alias field in the external system configuration

Please set to in the Server alias field under the External System configuration for iManage.

The remote computer cannot be located

Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

This error may contain Logging in as “username”.

Occurs when

  1. The iManage server you are trying to connect to is not accessible from the Milan or CAM or Cloud Migrator or Power Desktop Machine.

  2. The Server name is incorrect.

  3. The iManage cluster is not configured properly causing the connection to fail e.g. when the iManage cluster is configured all nodes must have the same configurations with regards to databases, odbc connection string, and cluster settings.

  4. Intermittent Network issues cause the connection to drop.

The redirect URL specified in the request does not match the URL in the configuration

Applies to: CAM

When setting up an iManage to CAM connection or another external system to CAM connection this displays, it means:

-The redirect URL entered is mistyped in the configuration

-The URL in the external system configuration is mistyped

-The azure proxy setup wasn’t completed before starting

Server is missing the ID (from External System Configuration)

  • Most often this is due to the Refresh Token in IMCC is disabled. Please set to Yes/Enabled in IMCC.

Group Member No Record Found

Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

  1. Special Characters in GroupIds like a Blackslash or spaces for instance do not allow members to be added via the iManage API

  2. The resolution is to remove the special character from the GroupIDs of those Groups and have the groups recreated

No New workspaces are generated/created

  1. Check authentication is validated in IMCC/ Source System configuration.

  2. Has the configuration in the Source system configuration been changed? Regardless, try resaving this configuration, and resubmit the job.

  3. Are the records in the jobdelta table? If records exist here or in CAMLocalSync table, there could be an issue with the final creation logged in the errors.

  4. Confirm Data Uploader scheduled task is active and running

  5. Confirm the CAM Agent service is running

  6. Check the svc account running the DU is active, didn’t expire, has been running the service the whole time?

  7. Has the CAM Agent service been restarted?

  8. If the workspace is not created by CAM, then the local sync tables will not be populated. CAM Local sync tables populate from CAM, and not the external system tables (3e, iManage, AD etc).

  9. Is the secret key expired?

  10. Has the queue=1 parameter used to push the job?

Skype Token Renewal Failed (Teams)

If the “Skype Token Renewal Failed” error is displayed on CAM, ensure the service account which CAM uses in the M365 External Configuration has a Microsoft Teams license.

Error during http request

This may be accompanied in the AWS logs with: ERROR Offices365S3Operation:823 - Error during HTTP request

  • Check that the Microsoft365 token is refreshed and active.

Form configuration not found

  • Check in Administration-> Layout->Forms the form for that particular page is created, active.

  • Check in the panel the users/groups granted access to the form. That user or group may not have access.

  • Check the expiration date of those users/groups. Is the access control string expired?

  • Check the user has the following permissions enabled:

    • View Users and Groups

    • View Account Info

Unsupported Query

  • Reinitiate the delta sync process as it has been over the 30 day threshold that the delta sync has run.

Access token has expired or is not yet valid

  • Reinitiate the access token with a new expiry date.

  • Reinitiate the delta sync process if it has been over 30 days it has run. It may have expired.

Error while creating container/ Expression contains invalid key/ Syntax Error

  • Make sure no spaces or special characters exist in the keyname. Remap any metadata that may have these fields after edits are made to remove special characters.

    • E.g. a - or _ will error.

DataUploader Installation fails with Error code 5/ Failed to Create Temp Directory

  1. Failed to create temp directory (error code 5), means the install directory folder you selected in the installer means the service account user you are running the installer as doesn’t have rights to modify folders or files there. You can review rights for the service account user, by the following:

    1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Prosperoware\CAM\Data Uploader.

    2. Right click that folder, and hit properties.

    3. Go to the security tab.

    4. If the service account user is not in the list, click Edit. Add the service account user or group and ensure full control is set, or at least read, write, execute and modify.

The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send

  • Check the firm’s internal firewall. AWS is not receiving connections from Data Uploader. Please see the following help article:

Unable to load users in Account Management

  • Clear the browser cache using Cntrl-F5. Most times this will fix it.

DataUploader error Login failed for user

  • The SQL login for the CAM user isn’t correct with the username or password

  • Check the user can access the SQL server and database through Management studio.

Edit Profile or another command fails with Sorry you don’t have access to take this action

  • Ensure the default system and repo are set on the External System Configuration for that system. If it is blank, you may get this error.

  • Open the command in iManage from the repo/system you have the workspace on.

  • Ensure the user and group have access.

  • Force a login and logout of the system.

  • Check the SSO claims are correctly setup if using SSO, if not the wrong form or access could be misent.

CAM QL error Search phase execution exception/ Undefined Search criteria

  • Happens when adding a filter to Analytics for document_number with a starts with condition.

  • Please report to Litera support if you get this.

Error converting value {null} to type 'System.Boolean'

  • Try reindexing.

  • Confirm the datatypes for the objects are correct. Usually another error will accompany this error with the specific object or index.

  • Check the datatype for the workflow or layout form is properly set for the metadata.

System.Exception: There is no active configuration that exists to generate CSV. Please check your domain settings

  • Check the service agent is setup with the same account as the task schedler task.

  • Check which scripts are triggering the job error. Is the job scheduled but is the AD configurations marked inactive or deleted in AD/CAM?

  • Does the same error display in the validation of DU?

  • In the Run option in the AD tab of DU, is it set to Never, but in the task scheduler it is set to run Hourly/Daily/Weekly etc? If so, please change to the same option in both places.

Error occurred while creating container Limit of total fields (5000)

  • This is an index error. Reach to Litera Customer Care or Devops.

Mapper_parsing_exception failed to parse field query.body.selected.is_checked_out of type [boolean] in document

  • This is due to the flag is_checked_out being set as a number. Set it if not automatically changed, to a boolean value type. Re-try.

Login failed. No such host is known. (PowerDesktop)

  • This is due to the PowerDesktop app not being able to create a secure connection to the CAM endpoint.

  • Check the network firewall.

  • Check IP restrictions.

  • Check whitelisted URLS here:

OBJECT MAPPING ERROR- Can not construct instance of com.prosperoware.models. Logs: no String-argument constructor/factory method to deserialize from String value

Accompanied with:

Required inputs are not found in handle

  • The system parameter was not being passed. Please pass this parameter in your users or group job.

User is Disabled shows after enabling SSO

  • This error may cause an additional 401 Unauthorized error in DU or other CAM modules.

  • Have CAM Devops/Support check in AWS Cognito if the user is disabled. Note if the SSO system tells CAM to disable the SSO user, CAM will comply and disable it.

  • Confirm the service account is in AD and active.

  • Is the account set as virtual?

  • Does the email address for the service account match that in CAM for the user? Is an email set?

  • Clear cache

  • Confirm the DU agent is running on the service account.

  • Is there a case sensitivity issue with the user account or email?

  • Confirm the LDAP External System Connection string.


  • There is a fix for this in April 2024’s release.

PLATFORM_ID_CAN_NOT_BE_UPDATED when user libraries are changing in SPM/iManage

  • There is a fix for this in April 2024’s release.

Password Attempt Exceeded

This happens due to the Amazon Cognito Security Policy which cannot be overrided.

Amazon Cognito lockout behavior for failed sign-in attempts is the following: After five failed unauthenticated or IAM-authenticated sign-in attempts with a password, Amazon Cognito locks out your user for one second. The lockout duration then doubles after each additional failed attempt, up to a maximum of approximately 15 minutes. Attempts made during a lockout period generate a Password attempts exceeded exception, and don't affect the duration of subsequent lockout periods. For a cumulative number of failed sign-in attempts n, not including Password attempts exceeded exceptions, Amazon Cognito locks out your user for 2^(n-5) seconds. To reset the lockout to its n=0 initial state, your user must either sign in successfully after a lockout period expires or not initiate any sign-in attempts for 15 consecutive minutes at any time after a lockout. This behavior is subject to change. This behavior doesn't apply to custom challenges unless they also perform password-based authentication.


Data Uploader fails with There is an error in XML document

  • This is due to an XML error in one of DU’s configuration files. Check:

  • SourceFiles.config

  • AppSettings.config

  • ADMapping.config


Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

The email of the folder that errored is already used by another folder that exists in the DMS. Make the email unique by adding prj_id to the address for the impacted folder. It's always a good practice to use PRJ_ID(Folder ID) as an email address. This guarantees uniqueness as all folders have a unique PRJ_ID in iManage (the primary key of the folder also known as folder ID)


Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

  1. One or more of the Profile Metadata is missing in the DMS preventing the creation of the workspace in the cloud. 

  2. The metadata may exist but may have spaces or special characters hence doesn’t match the given metadata in the operation in question

  3. Make sure the metadata (if a lookup) exists and has no special characters. If non-lookup, make sure the length and type of the data are correct e.g. boolean, date, integer, etc


Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

This error means

  1. The logged-in user does not exist in the specified database

  2. The logged-in user exists but is disabled

  3. Logged-in users don’t have access to the database

  4. Database connection failed (temporary network error, SQL connectivity error, that typically goes away after you retry)

  5. The database name is incorrect


Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

This error could happen for a variety of reasons. We have observed in following scenarios

  1. The specified entity doesn’t exist on the database

  2. Alias (if lookup fields) have space in the name or value

  3. The length of the column exceeds what is supported by iManage

  4. The logged-in users don’t have permission to search or update.


Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

This error could happen for a variety of reasons. We have observed in the following scenarios

  1. Indexer is not running in iManage

  2. The indexer in iManage has connection issues. Please have the customer or partner check their iManage DMS log or Indexer log for more information.


Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

This error could happen for a variety of reasons. We have observed in the following scenarios

  1. The document in question actually does not exist. The document record is the database but the actual document is missing from the iManage File Share. Typically happens for older documents where file-share might have moved, renamed, or deleted.

  2. The user doesn’t have the“view document” role permission in iManage.


Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

The given record already exists in the database. Typically this error occurs for security records when setting on any objects (workspace, folder, document) or for name-value pairs on folders (folder metadata).


Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

Happens for example when assigning trustees or an owner to a document. We have observed this error in the following scenarios:

  1. A specified user or group does not exist on the database.

  2. The given user or group has typos, spacing, or special characters.

  3. Logged-in users don’t have permission to update

  4. The given user is disabled.


Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

A log may show the operation is not currently available. This error can happen when a logged-in user doesn’t have permission to search or update. Check the current user’s assigned role and then check all permissions assigned to this role.


Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

We have observed in following scenarios

  1. The document is opened in iManage classic clients

  2. The document is locked, archived, or checked out


Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

  1. The specified entity does not exist on the database (Typically for lookup or validated metadata)

  2. The specified user does not exist in the database

  3. The user exists but is disabled

  4. There is a spacing or special characters in the name of the user (usually can be spotted by using select len(username) from mhgroup.docuser table or metadata values

  5. The user-specified is incorrect. In this case, the user’s userId and fullname are combined for some reason. Check your data to make sure you are only specifying the userId.


Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

The document is not locked. This happens when you try to unlock a document in CAM or another application.


Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

The document is checked out. The document needs to be checked-in or unlocked using CAM or the DMS.


Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

  1. The activity code is invalid. Please check the list of supported activity codes by iManage (See below the list of supported activity codes)

  2. One of the values (typically validated values) is invalid or exceeds the supported length


Applies to: CAM PowerDesktop Cloud Migrator

This error occurs when the logged-in user doesn’t have permission to search or update. Please check the user’s permission on a given object (read-only) or check the user’s role permissions in iManage e.g. the permission can’t update or create public documents/folders.


Azure Stack Errors

Applies to: CAM

504 Gateway Error

Try the deployment again with the same parameters. 

Bad Password on MYSQL

Change the password. Do not use reserved keywords such as user, admin, root in username or a very long username. Once the password has been changed, try the deployment again.

Character Length Validation failure

To use a small prefix on the instance unique name.


Stack Failure due to a Git download issues

Try the deployment again with the same parameters.

Stack update/create failure due to locks acquired on the resources

Stop the function app that is currently running and try the deployment again in five minutes. Once the deployment is successful start the function app again.

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