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May 2024 Release

  • Analytics layout: This update brings a cleaner look to the New Analytics interface, giving users more room to design their queries, filters, and preview all on the same screen. It means you can handle queries and data visualization in one place, reducing the time you spend toggling between screens and increasing the time you can dedicate to your clients' needs.

  • Updated Analytics features: The new UI now supports joins and parameters on the query to bring you the same functionality as the old Analytics or as in SQL.

  • Support for Data Sync Improvements: New logging was added for Data Sync where job processing details can now be viewed on the KPI tab to give insight how fast jobs are running, and what is failing. Performance is improved for the fail safe processes of Data Sync as prior syncs were slow. Lastly, offline change event processing works for the DMS systems so that incremental syncs can pull a more complete history of what changed over time. This translates to richer, more detailed case analysis without the need for complex workarounds or external tools.

  • Provisioning User and Group Changes: The OSType and OpType metadata are now supported in Users and Groups and in DataUploader. The addition of OSType and OpType metadata to Users and Groups management means that you can now handle access controls and data uploads with greater precision. For your firm, this means improved compliance and security measures, which are paramount in the legal sector.

  • Fixed Issues: We've listened to your feedback and addressed issues in various CAM modules, including Account Management, Analytics, Data Sync/Uploader, Provisioning, Template Editor, to name a few. These fixes mean a smoother, more dependable experience for you, letting you focus on your legal work.

April 2024 Release

  • Active Directory Support for User Changes: Tracking user changes such as userid’s, emails or names is easier in CAM now, thanks to a new ImportReference and GUID column that is imported with the users as they are imported into CAM. Firms no longer need to manually make changes to users or import a new user with the changed information. Update to the latest DataUploader version 2.1.38148 to utilize this feature.

  • Support for SPM Custom Properties and Collections: Inside iManage Security Policy Manager (SPM), custom tags and properties are used to give additional metadata to objects. CAM now supports pulling these properties along with the client or matter, so that firms can self-maintain their SPM collections based on the fields.

  • Support for Active Directory Deletions and Disablement with SPM: If a user becomes deleted or disabled in either Active Directory or SPM, CAM will mark the user accordingly in each system. Firms will not have any disconnects between systems on the number of deleted or disabled users.

  • Application fixes for Content Mover, Teams, Analytics, and Data Uploader.

March 2024 Release

  • Analytics Simplified User Experience: Navigate with unprecedented ease, thanks to interface enhancements that make accessing and interpreting data more intuitive, as seen below. Users can quickly build reports in one window and then preview the report results in real-time without having to run and modify it each time a change is desired

  • Expanded Reporting Capabilities: Utilize ad-hoc filters and enhanced reporting options for comprehensive insights, enabling better-informed decisions. Users can action on report results, such as bulk profile updates, bulk security updates, mass check-ins, and more. The results can also be exported into a CSV format or you can export the documents to a local file share.

  • Boosted Performance & Security: Experience faster data synchronization and robust security measures, ensuring your firm's operations are both agile and protected.

  • Business Continuity Advances

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